Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Obama channeling Dukakis: Could the president be more clueless?

Is this guy:

This guy?

As this numskull sets about to enshrine himself as the worst president by far that this country has ever known, I watched, stunned and amazed, as he channeled Mikey Dukakis yesterday in front of the entire planet, stumbling, bumbling and doubling down on his stupidity.

Yesterday, the world was riveted to this clown,.  He had the opportunity to unite the world in an effort to eradicate these scum... and, as he does so very often.... he blew it.

No anger.  No determined plan.  Just the ongoing reasons NOT to do something... instead of the obvious reasons to move ahead and use our dwindling military might to destroy them in place over there... instead of fighting it out in the streets over here.

That's my particular presence: we and other countries in the area know where these people are.  And what this disgrace to American history is doing as a policy and a strategy is to confuse motion... in this case, the mere appearance of doing something, with action, the actual accomplishment of a goal and a a strategy that will achieve measurable progress against these scum.

This is who we need right now:

This is who we've got:

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