Sunday, November 01, 2015

Dual Winners of this election cycle's "Betrayal Award:" Wilson and Olson

What a difference a year makes, eh?

Has it only been a year since Liz Pike wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting now State Representative Lynda Wilson (R-17) elected to the House?

Has it only been 3 years since Liz Pike wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to drag Julie Olson over the finish line against Monica Stonier?

Yes to both.  And they are the co-winners of 2015 Election Cycle Betrayal Award, given out as needed to point out the betrayal by those of those who worked so hard to help get them where they are.

Remember the posters and the billboards and the 4X8's?

Pike and Wilson, standing side-by-side.  Fund raisers, meetings, introductions to key people; support from the House GOP Caucus, strategizing.... for the better part of a year, ultimately ending in the ouster of the WEA's lackey in the House who's now carpet-bagging it to the 49th District.

The mailers, the talks, the nuts and bolts of a campaign... ultimately successful.

But where has Wilson or Olson been as a part of the write-in?

No where.  No where to be seen.  No where to be heard.  No where to be found.

Did they think I wouldn't notice?

Over $10,000 given to the effort to defeat the write-in and elect my brother-in-law.

Whining and sniveling about how the write-in will kill any chance for Julie Olson to win her councilor race... as if there's any real difference between Olson and Chuckie Green on the issues that matter.

Treating the campaign and those involved with it like it's radioactive.

Loyalty doesn't get one far in politics.  Neither does truth.  As a people, most in the political realm are eager to overlook the foibles of those they support.

Wilson's support of Boldt, for example, is inexplicable in the face of Boldt's record.  But what's even more inexplicable is the complete disappearing act as a result of dancing to Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's tune; too foolish... or uncaring... to realize that this reaction is exactly the sort of thing our local cancer on the community was going for.

Politics makes strange bed-fellows.  But none as strange as these, where the hard work and diligence of a woman who had done nothing to harm and everything to help is of so little value, that Lynda and Tracy Wilson, along with Julie Olson, treat her in this way.

This lack of gratitude goes to the heart of the matter:  it's part and parcel of why my efforts next cycle will be devoted to keeping Caroline Crain from being elected and Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers from being re-elected, and nothing more. 

And then I'm out.

Politics can frequently bring out the best in people.  But it all too often brings out the worst.

This is a case of that.

I don't know what the ultimate plan is for any of these people.  But I will be reminding everyone that their true colors came shining through this year... in this cycle.  I don't know why these people are working so hard to hurt someone who has done so much for them, and frankly, I don't care.

Wilson, Olson and those working for and with them on this venture have no excuse.  That "befehl is befehl" nonsense didn't cut it in Nuremberg and it doesn't cut it here.  It does go to the clever strategy by Jeanne Stewart of running just to split the GOP vote and keep Madore off the ballot, however. 

I apologize for not seeing that coming.  In the future, I will endeavor to make amends.

This is a new level of betrayal.  Plans within plans within plans as Wilson strives to become the new, somewhat more understated David Madore though the judicious use of HIS checkbook.

A screaming lack of character that is unmistakable.  A complete failure to do the right thing, even if the right thing is hard to do... although supporting someone they owe so much to should hardly have been a difficult choice.

It has shown me a great deal about the local political scene; an epiphany with startling clarity has occurred.  And I do thank the players involved for providing that.

And what they've done here... will echo though political eternity.

I'll see to it.

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