Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another sign that Boldt and Rivers have gone full leftist.

Readers here have long since known that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has been fully co-opted, not only by the system, but also by leftists as a whole.

Having abandoned conservative principles generally and having lied about her pledge not to support gas tax or tab fee increases to get elected, among other things she's done on the issue of "cooperating" with the left, it's not surprising that she would join fellow democrat Marc Boldt; who was a commissioner for 8 years and who voted like democrat Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart had Steve's hand up his neck (Think Ahmed, the Dead Terrorist) until we threw him out of office... and elevate the public profile of the leftist front group "Leftist Class Alliance" in the process.

Ran by loser Tim Probst, this will be a whining, sniveling coffee-klatch that beats the hell out of conservatives generally and David Madore in  particular.

Make no mistake about it: collaboration and
moving forward are code words for doing what they, and their fellow leftists, want done.

Dalesandro, the last-second, can't find anyone else to run fellow democrat candidate for county chair, is a non-issue.

Nothing he says will matter because no one cares.

Most there will be as far to the left as Boldt and Rivers and what they say there won't matter in the least.

The rag will be thrilled; Probst will be ecstatic because these two morons paid attention to him like his group, that supports every leftist cause known to man: including the hideous, fringe-left effort where these scum took over the Veteran's Day parade to shill I-735, and the $15 an hour
minimum wage rip off, and lying about being "non-partisan."

THIS is what Rivers and Boldt want.  THIS is what you people who voted for Boldt got.


My right butt cheek.


TruthMerchant said...

While I actually agree that I-735 goes too far to the left, I trust that the legislature will restrict itself to doing something positive regarding the plutocratic and oligarchic nature of our current electoral system. While meritocracy is actual justice, and those who make major contribution to society SHOULD have more voice in politics than those who don't, the current system has gone way past the point were merit is the driving force. There is far too much reward to "rent seeking" behavior and insufficient reward to actual contribution. I will sign on to I-735 and help it get on the ballot. There is nothing that I want more than full discussion on the issues raised by I-735. And that will not happen if it doesn't make the ballot.

So if you want to brand those who want dialogue as "leftists" and refuse to have any discussion then so be it. Otherwise, sign up and let us see how it turns out. I want full disclosure and that can't happen when people hide behind corporate shields of limited liability seeking anonymity. Corporations have no place in electioneering. The representatives of the people should be funded by the people they are supposed to be representing and not by some rich guy with a business in another state.

This is the type of discussion we should be having.

Just a guy said...

The emphasis for those supporting I-735, to date, has been limited to the corporate world.

I see no effort on their part, to, say, silence the WEA's effort to control government, or to force Supreme Court Justices to acknowledge... and subsequently recuse themselves from... any case where any of those involved were in any way responsible for, say for example, providing them with campaign support or finances, to include independent expenditures.

I have no problem with a "discussion," as long as it factual and all parties are treated equally.

But the fact is that if you want to get money out of politics... then it has to be ALL money... and not just the money whose sources you don't happen to like.

Leftists are behind this; leftists are shilling it... and freedom of speech is more than just an arcane concept turned on and off like a switch.

"Discussion" for those of the leftist bent is that variety exposed here locally in the Columbian and the C3G2 hate group.

If you're not agreeable to their position, then they shut you off. And that's what's the basis for this effort... otherwise the demands would not exclude sources for money that are typically sympathetic to the left. "Compromise" means doing it their way... or no way... thus the CRC scam where both governors of Oregon and Washington decreed that without light rail, there would be no new bridge... all the while whining and sniveling that the reasons for replacing the bridge were safety, earthquakes and a non-existent congestion relief.

The left vilifies the Koch brothers, for example, but remain absolutely silent about George Soros or Tom Steyer, who just bought a local bigot of a fringe-left whack job of a Port Commissioner... and while Steyer wasted $3 million to buy Jay Inslee the Washington State Senate during the 2014 election cycle... while the leftists around here, who have burned David Madore in effigy for what he does with his money remain(ed), typically, hypocritically silent.

Thanks for stopping by... and if you want to discuss this further, it will be under your true name.