Thursday, October 01, 2015

Yesterday's education dog and pony show: Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers on the case.

So.  I didn't bother to go.

I'd heard about it, but like every other special interest bitch-fest, I knew it would be yet another ceremonial hacking away at legislative power and prerogative... as much as I knew that it would be yet another opportunity for those stealing our money to use it as a platform to, once again, script another program dominated by teacher union scum and other special interest groups who want to bury their hands further in our wallets.

My own Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was a part of that farce, as she busily helps to dig the Senate into yet another hole.  Ultimately, after this series of farcical comedies when the same program will be followed everywhere and the last group to be heard from or concerned about will be those of us outside the education plant who have to PAY for this crap... we can expect the Senate GOP to jack our taxes in an election year for better PR.

These efforts are a waste of time.

Everyone knows what... and who... is going to be said and heard.  Like the gas tax scam, the decision were made long before this started or, for that matter, the next legislative session takes place.  Those even remotely connected to our chronically incompetent school system will take this opportunity to lie about what the legislature "must" do as a result of these morons across the street from the Leg Building ordering them to increase spending.

The scripts are already written for each one of the stops on this parade, with minor variations.  The whole thing is a massive waste of time, effort, energy and money since no one at this soiree heard a damned thing they hadn't already heard before... nor will they hear anything different in the future kaffeeklatches and ass-kissing contests.

Ultimately, this is being done to justify the already concluded business of jacking up our taxes even more. As Rivers is in charge of the Senate effort to screw us, given her experience in screwing us over the gas tax and tab fees, she seemed like a natural for the job.

The legislature's involvement in this insanity merely provides yet another platform for the WEA that seems to own them as well as the Supreme Court, to get up and bitch and whine and moan and complain about how tough they've got it for their 183 day per year, part time job.

Clearly, in that regard, they didn't fail to disappoint.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court has no more right to tell the Legislature how to Legislate than than the Legislature has the right to tell the Supreme Court to deliberate.

The reality here is, as I gear up to vote against the reelection of my allegedly Republican senator next year, is there's precious little difference between a democrat-controlled senate and the nightmare of the senate we have now.

Everyone that came here had their minds made up.  Rivers will recommend selling us out on education as much as she did the gas tax and tab fees... although she can at least tell everyone that THIS sell-out didn't violate a specific set of campaign promises like the last sell out obviously did.

It's this kind of waste of time that's being done in an effort to legitimize the upcoming theft that IS going to happen.

Meanwhile, our already overpaid and abysmal teachers go out on strike and ignore court orders while they bitch about the Legislature doing the same.

Hypocrite, much?

Of course, the Legislature is not legally bound to Supreme Court orders: that's why the Court isn't fining THEM, but instead is fining US.  Equally, when teacher's strike, they're bailing out and abandoning their children in violation of the law.

I expect they'll be many more of these kind of ceremonies designed to justify the upcoming raids on our wallets as teacher pay, benefits and retirement skyrocket in ways most of us can't even dream about.

But then, in a county about to get screwed over $700 million in additional gas taxes, thanks to our esteemed senator from the 18th, what else is new?

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