Saturday, October 17, 2015

The worst Voter's Pamphlet statement? Marc Boldt.

I really have no idea if Boldt wrote this lie, or Jim Mains wrote it.

But either way, it's a disaster.

It literally starts with a bizarre statement that being a truck driver helps him get insight into being county chair.
"Taking off my suit to drive truck..."
Oddly, Boldt didn't "take off his suit," the voters, effectively, ripped it off when we threw him out of office and voted David Madore in.
"...has given me new insight into the Council Chair position..."
Pure political crap.

That's like claiming that getting a band-aid on a cut gives you insight into being a brain surgeon.

If he, in fact, went through some epiphany, he'd be asking himself why he got his ass kicked in 2012. He'd admit his mistakes.  He'd acknowledge that he refuses to listen to those who oppose his agenda.

And he's done none of that.. and further, as you might expect, no one has publicly asked him.
"...and, more important, how you should act in it."
Apparently "how you should act in it" is to refuse to admit your mistakes, insult those who disagree with you, and text while driving, among other things.

The rest of it is his excuse for abandoning both the GOP and Republican principles, and he then goes to this out and out lie:
"I'm politically moderate..."
Sure.  The Young Democrats ALWAYS endorse "political moderates."
"...and fiscally conservative." 
Which explains perfectly why Boldt jacked our property taxes for 6 straight years and jacked our sales tax .2 without asking us... because he's so "fiscally conservative."  Not to mention his working for the CTran tax scam and his support of cutting 60,000 rural voters out of the equation to pay the CTran tax... but removing any say we might have in it.

 Then he goes on to THIS lie... and it's a beaut:
"... I believe that serving a Council Chair should be about serving our community, not special interests."
Which explains perfectly why he supported the CRC Scam for the entirety of his tenure; refused to allow us to vote on it, and lied to me personally on that vote... because the leftists and the downtown mafia didn't own him like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

The problem Marc has politically is that he has a history.  and his history as a commissioner puts the lie to everything he's babbled here.

And in the end, we tossed his butt out of office.  And that's where it should remain.

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