Monday, October 05, 2015

The life of a local politico: I will not be silenced.

I believed it was a matter of time until Brancaccio unloaded on Pike.  Saturday proved that right.

I freely admit I've hammered on Lying Lefty Lou, though not so much, lately, as what he's got to babble about from his keyboard becomes increasingly unimportant.

I was thinking about it last night, and then I went to a movie.

The movie was "Everest."

What was in it was based on the history of a particularly notorious expedition where death was the outcome for many... far too many...  in a "man vs. mountain" drama where, frankly, the mountain didn't care.

It reached a point where there was nothing anyone could do.

And most telling for me, was that the bodies of the dead are still up there, since it's essentially impossible to bring them down.

Somebody, somewhere, has to speak truth to power.  An agenda-driven media remains silent when they should be holding politicians accountable for their lies at all levels... certainly nationally... and certainly locally.

But, when they hate you, they hate you.  And I plead guilty.

To being hated.

But it's a price I will gladly pay.

And no amount of character assassination or attacks from those who hate will silence me.

It wont do anything to change Boldt's abysmal, actual record of governance nor make him any less of a jerk who despises people who disagree with him; it won't make Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' betrayal of her district when she voted for the very things, the gas tax and tab fee increases, that she pledged NOT to vote for as a part of her election... an election I supported with every fiber of my being... having edited and written a great deal of her platform and the verbiage in that website... any less of a lie.

But most of all, it won't silence me.

Threats won't silence me.

Efforts by many to get me "fired" won't do it.  In fact, nothing will do it.

Because in the end, the facts of this election remain.

But this election in particular has shown me the true values of integrity and honor.  It's shown me who has those... and who doesn't.

Some of it was surprising.  Some of it disappointing.  But the records never lie.

And ultimately, the way not to become a subject of my observations is rather simple:

If you're elected: do what you promised you would do; refuse to do those things you promised you wouldn't do.

If you're running for re-election, don't lie about your record: be proud of it since we all know that past is prologue.

And if you didn't promise a thing, then listen to those who you govern; don't ignore them, don't belittle them, don't publicly laugh at them and don't be a jerk to them.

In short, don't be Marc Boldt.

And, of course, don't think for a minute that when you're busy jamming a knife into my spine in the various ways that happens, that I won't find out about it.

And remember:  I keep copies of everything.  Every email, every text, every document.

Everything.  Including those things that can end a political career.

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