Friday, October 02, 2015

Here's why I could care less what the president thinks about Umpqua

First, the man is a liar.

In everything from "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" to ISIS, Iraq and Iran... he's lied to us with the frequency of an empty CTran bus driving by.

Second, the man is a racist bigot.

His auto response to one of the thugs he so admires getting shot or otherwise hassled by the police, regardless of the color of those wearing the badge, is that they... the cops... are wrong.

Third, on the issues that matter in this country, he's a clueless idiot.

He and his incompetent policies are getting hammered everywhere on the planet.  Can't he do SOMETHING right?  Anything?

Fourth, following the Rham Emanuel dictate of not allowing a good crisis go to waste, he grabs a microphone yesterday before the bodies of the innocents that HIS government arranged to cause (Guess Umpqua wasn't quite as "gun free" a campus as they would have liked) the president got up and whined and sniveled about THIS shooting... as he has so many other shootings... unless the perpetrators happen to be black... while ignoring what amounts to this same thing happening in Mayor Emanuel's Chicago every week... he engaged in the rank hypocrisy he's known for.

Fifth... in almost every case, the ones who get punished for these actions politically, are routinely those law abiding citizens that had they been there and been armed, could have put a stop to yesterday's insanity.

And sixth, the ultimate hypocrisy: this guy Obama and his family are surrounded by guns everywhere he goes.

As much as he may think his life is more important than mine or my family's, it ain't. He can't even BEGIN to tell us anything about our guns until he's willing to get rid of his own.

I am contemptuous of this clown of a president.  I see him the same way Vlad Putin sees him: a weak, vacillating, coward.

And I treat what he says with the lack of respect it deserves.

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