Thursday, October 15, 2015

Filling out your ballot.

It's almost over.

In a day or two, you'll get your ballot.

A few of you will actually fill it out.  Most who fill it out will actually send it in.

But those numbers will be small... And I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Partisan democrats have a simple choice: mark the box next to the pitiful democrat running... Green, a complete CTran hack who could give a rat's ass what the people of this county want, or that poor unfortunate Dalesandro who isn't fit to govern a 3rd grade hall monitor pass.

Leftist Republicans who really should call themselves democrats, aka RINOs, will vote for Olson, who as Republican as my Spaniels given the lack of any difference between her and the democrat running and Boldt even though he's at least as far to the left as Dalesandro.

Folks, there's a reason the pro-abortion, pro-tax rip off, pro steal from the middle class and give to the left, pro-illegal alien Young Democrats endorsed Boldt in this election.

And one thing it's done is crystallized the segment of RINOs, making them easily identifiable for future endeavors, and certainly eliminating them from any further discussion concerning the GOP.

Conservatives, which is most of the GOP in north and east county, will write in Liz Pike.  They will do that because she is the only Republican running, the only candidate opposed to the CRC/Light Rail scam, the only candidate opposed to increasing our taxes, the only candidate who will attempt to rein in the out-of-control scum at CTran.

Those are the choices.

They're simple, really.  Write in a woman of proven conservative cred who will govern with an ear towards the people and her eye on the goal of more efficient, more responsive and cheaper government... or don't.

And pay the price for it forever.

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