Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Democratian hypocrisy: where's the Boldt PDC Complaint story?

(UPDATED: There is a story, buried in the All Politics Is Local Blog.  Which is, I suppose, better than no mention at all; but once again, hardly the same level of exposure complaints against Madore garner.)

It seems that anyone even thinking about a PDC Complaint against David Madore gets barrels of ink for their effort as a result, and the various leftists/C3G2 haters verbally burn him in effigy because a complaint, none of which have ever been founded; has been filed against him.

I file complaints against Boldt, Crain and Rivers, and what do we get from the daily democrat?


Why do you suppose that is?

If I or anyone else filed a complaint against Madore, Lying Lefty Lou would be running it front page, above the fold.

I mention Boldt apparently vacuuming $5000 in campaign donations out of his 2012 campaign, repayment for a bogus loan that anyone can see for themselves never took place... and... nothing.

I point to the lie of this fake GOP organization that exists primarily in the twisted minds of a few, a group that hasn't, rhetorically speaking, put together enough money to buy lunch... a group the democratian wasted more barrels of ink over... a group that can't even get 10 different donors... I file a complaint over their fake "Republican Endorsed" signs they're attaching to Boldt's signs... and not a word in the anti-conservative screed of a newspaper.

Of course, my complaints are founded.

Rivers makes almost $200,000 appear during session... at least on paper... and it doesn't even get a yawn.

Boldt walks off with $5K, according to a review of his paperwork... and not even a wink.

A whiny, sniveling, perennially failing candidate in the 49th puts together a group that wouldn't fill a booth at a Shari's, gets major play in the local rag, can't even put up cab fare because they have no support, and the rag gives them thousands of dollars in free publicity... "earned publicity," as it were.


We know why.

It's Lefty Lou's fringe-left bias at play.

It's obvious.

And it reeks. 

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