Sunday, October 25, 2015

A new facebook group: Boycott the Columbian.

I've thought about it for awhile, but my plate is full enough as it is.

So, there's a new Facebook page dedicated to boycotting the cancer of Clark County and those who advertise in it.

Leftist heads are exploding as they fill social media with their lies, among them my fave:
Interesting how the Colombian allows dissenting comments and this page does not.
And yet I, among others, have been banned for years.

You see, it's just that democratian supporters lie in their positions, it's that they chose to do so so very badly.

Meanwhile, I have no position with this effort.  Nor does any campaign or candidate.

The Haters are losing their collective minds, comparing this effort, which has nothing to do with David Madore, with, well, something that has something to do with Davuid Madore.

And, as any C3G2 Hater will tell you, anything having anything to do with Madore is, by definition, bad.  But then. they exhibit political bigotry at it's finest, so what else is to be expected?

Meanwhile, I would submit that others can be added to the list, like those who supported the CRC Scam or the Charter  idiocy... guys like Greg Kimsey, who supported both and who hate conservatives.

For years, the downtown mafia has kicked conservatives around by lying, attacking, slandering and whining about us and using the rag as their propaganda sheet to do it, with lying Lefty Lou as their accomplice.

Several of us are sick of it.  Scott Campbell, who publishes that crap pile, apparently can't see that part of the reason he's bleeding money and even went into bankruptcy is because only a masochist would pay money for the privilege of reading once again where Lying Lefty Lou or his Winged Monkeys are kicking the hell out of any conservative elected official... conservative idea... conservative vision.

That they don't even try to come up with anything better... for example, I have yet to see ANY idea from ANY leftist, including the rag... to address our cross-river transportation problems that isn't related to or encompassing the hated CRC Scam.

No... their idea of compromise is limited to "do it our way... or it won't get done."

This is an effort to address that.  How long or serious the effort is remains to be seen.  But I am going to do my best to stick with it as long as it's up there.

And for you haters, feel free to shoot off your mouths.  I'll be there to set you straight.  

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