Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tick-tock, your Honor: if the strike is illegal, why haven't you acted in Kelso?

By now, those paying attention know that Kelso teachers, or "extortionists" as they are more popularly known, are out on strike.

Judge David Koss of the Cowlitz Superior Court ruled last Friday that the strike is illegal and that these idiots need to be back in the classroom, well, by today.

As early as Sunday, the extortionists got together and decided to flip off said judge, voting to stay out, thumbing their collective noses at the Judge in question.

Meanwhile, many of these same hypocrites rail at the legislature of this state for ignoring the Supreme Court in their insane "McCleary Decision," claiming that since the Supreme Court has ordered it, the legislature must comply.

That's utter nonsense, of course... co-equal branches of government and all that.  But while the legislature has legal grounds to tell the Nine Dwarfs to pound sand, the teachers are, in fact, violating the law of this state by striking and they, of course, have no such protection.

Even out of school, striking teachers teach their classrooms many lessons.  They teach that extortion is perfectly OK as a strategy if you don't get your way.  They teach that it's just swell to rob those paying your salary if you happen to change your mind concerning the sufficiency of dollars you're receiving in return for your mediocre... or worse... product.

And most of all, they're teaching that the children are the least important component to the teaching equation.

There's a variety of things the school district should do about this... but that's not my circus and not my monkeys.

But what the judge in this case does... now that these extortionist have flipped him off, very definitely matters to me, because when government employees break the law, they should be held accountable.

And at this point... all I'm hearing is cricket chirps.

This judge must now take punitive measures against these teachers.

He can go old-school, such as arresting the union leadership, fining them individually $10,000 per day; he can begin to arrest the teachers alphabetically, fining them $10,000 per day; he can permanently yank the credentials of these extortionists so they no longer are allowed to infect our children in a classroom' he can fine the union itself, say, a million dollars a day for each day they're out.

Or, he can look over the deal, once it's cut, and fine these teachers indefinitely in an amount equal to any increase in pay, benefits or retirement that their extortion brings them... making it clear, then, that these criminals are striking for what amounts to, well, nothing.

What he CAN'T do... is sit there and fail to act.

Once he declared the strike to be illegal, he acquired a judicial imperative to end this strike and cause those supporting it to suffer in ways that might cause them to think twice the next time they get this urge.

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Pete Masterson said...

The lesson was given by Ronald Reagan. When the unions defy the law and their (governmental) employer, the involved employees should be fired. Those who are fired should not be hired by any other school system in the state. The school board, as the employer, should do this, but the incest between politicians and unions probably make this unlikely. The losers are the taxpayers and the students.