Saturday, September 26, 2015

The lies Boldt supporters use.

This most assuredly must be one of the most absurd and bizarre elections I've seen... not only here locally... but anywhere.

Marc Boldt's record is readily available for those who care to look.  I've done more than look.

I've lived it.

When I claim, on this blog or anywhere else, that Boldt, for example, promised me an election on the entirety of the CRC, one way or the other, in March 2010... that is not something I make up.  I noted here on this blog the day it happened.

From that post:
Well, this November, we will get out chance. I directly discussed this situation with Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt and he agreed to put a non-binding, county-wide advisory vote on the ballot this November as part of the general election.
I was disillusioned long since before my brother-in-law lied to my face... but this episode became the tipping point, when I knew that if he would lie to me directly, he would lie to anyone about anything.

I have a single standard for those we elect: tell the truth as you understand it.  Don't lie to me.  Don't EVEN try and handle me.

I apply that to everyone, from that slimeball in the White House to my own brother-in-law.

You see, family makes up for a lot.  And I remained silent for years in the face of issues like his unconstitutional county ordinance vote to take our guns away from us in the event of a county or state declared emergency, his vote to exclude most of the rural voters from having any say on the CTran tax increase he campaigned for, going so far as to send out a robocall. and his years of property tax increases.

What I learned by remaining silent is that I had become one of the enablers.

"Evil triumphs when good men (and women) do nothing."

I told Marc when he voted for it that the gun confiscation ordinance was unconstitutional.  He didn't listen.

I told him that his vote for excluding tens of thousands of us from voting on CTran tax extortion was wrong.

He didn't listen.

And then his "conservative" facade disintegrated... and he began voting like Steve Stuart had his hand up his back to operate his mouth.

As we are constantly reminded, Boldt is a GOP PCO.  But his supporters, who are quick to mention that, inevitably fail to mention the fact that while he has that position, he has, literally, done absolutely nothing with it, save use it to come crawling back to the GOP PCO's to bizarrely ask them for their endorsement... having not even talked to them for the 3 years he's held the position... jamming his finger in their eye.

I worked for Marc through 6 sessions of the legislature before I became executive director of the state GOP.  He was the conservative's conservative, a man of principle who even went so far as to engage in a floor fight with his own GOP committee chair (Then Rep. Suzette Cooke) in a successful effort to keep our social security numbers off our licenses.

But something happened to him soon after he became a commissioner.... and that Boldt... the Boldt who listened... the Boldt who believed in that "servant leader" shtick... the Boldt that his supporters seem to be talking about all the time... disappeared.

This is a Republican leaning county.  Twelve of 15 legislators are GOP; as of right now, all of the county council is GOP, most of the county electeds, excepting faux GOP auditor Kimsey, are GOP.

The idea of not having any GOP alternative on the ballot under these circumstances is idiotic.

Given Boldt's record of voting, essentially, in lockstep with democrat Steve Stuart speaks to his true political persuasion.  His supporters are motivated by a great deal, but what he wants to accomplish isn't part of it.  Revising his actual history as a commissioner, deliberately lying for him.... those are tenets of action based not on Boldt's fitness for office... because, of course, he has none... but instead on their hatred of the current party leadership and, of course, David Madore.

That's not enough of a reason to elect Boldt in the face of his record... a record his supporters wish I would shut up about.

But the truth has to be out there.  And since neither Marc nor his lackeys are interested in telling that truth, that job falls to me and the others who were here at the time, watching it all unfold.

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Jimmy Johnson said...

Thank you. This cures my resolve to see this man go no further, and strengthens my belief that the collected body of PCO's wisdom reflects both the will and way forward for our County. To gain a sense of the will of The People is a most valuable tool to anyone elected, and I am pleased to see Liz Pike trusts this is true.