Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Still looking for the differences, if any, between Dalesandro and Boldt

We're coming down to the wire here... ballots drop in a little over two weeks and I'm still waiting for the differences to surface between the two democrats left on the ballot for county chair.

You remember, don't you?  The RINO element in the local GOP swore up and down that the GOP's action in the write-in "gave the election to the democrat," presumably meaning Dalesandro.

I, of course, took a different view, which is part and parcel of why I support Liz Pike.

The view *I* take is this: if the GOP didn't run a write-in... the democrats were going to win anyway.

Boldt and Dalesandro's policy positions essentially mirror each other.  That's reflected in their primary vote, in which neither candidate achieved 26% if memory serves and both candidates made the ballot as a result of a fractured, but otherwise overwhelming GOP vote in the sense of a plurality.

I had said and still say that there is no difference between Dalesandro and Boldt; and even Boldt's most ardent admirers, including the 5 RINO's who signed that idiotic letter, have yet to point any such differences out.

None have any answers on the county's cross-river transportation issues... one commenter pointing this out: 
Candidate Marc Boldt, in his own words. Asked about supporting a replacement of the I-5 bridge, he says "yes". Asked about any alternative location, he says "no", then partially offers an alternative, and then says: "I don't know where else to go".
How about the FOUR alternative sites our RTC (That Boldt was a member of at the time) proposed in their 2008 Visioning Study?
It's why I will write in Liz Pike with the Write In Liz Pike for Clark County Chair effort
This is the kind of thing that Boldt gets so cute about.

It's not that he "don't know" where else to go, it's that he's a wholly-owned downtown mafia subsidiary and he doesn't want to say anything to anger them now... suych as "we need additional bridges in other locations" BEFORE we replace the I-5 Bridge.

He DOES know.  He's just far too much of a political coward to say.

Then this:
  • Troy McCoyTroy McCoy I asked him his position on the oil terminal and light rail, he said to see his website, of which no positions are stated...
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  • John LeyJohn Ley Similar to Dalesandro, who has no substance on his web site either.
These are among the top issues confronting us.  And the lack of a direct answer is based on the factors of not wanting to anger their prospective downtown masters and not wanting to be held accountable by the electorate for saying one thing, and doing another.  We've all seen how well that's worked out for Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers.

This is the kind of thing that amply illustrates the complete lack of difference between these two democrats.  And neither one of them have done anything that I can see to differentiate themselves from each other... which is a big reason why the GOP knew a write-in was necessary.

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