Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillsboro Hops win their division!

So, I was watching the Hops game as they beat Salem Keizer (A very tough team, by the way) 6-5 in 13 innings to win their division championship for the 2nd consecutive year, when I saw a tweet that tagged @MikeBomar27.

Bomar, best known for wasting county money given to CRUDEC so he could go on vacation to the Paris Air Show, was a major player in the abortive attempt to screw an entire county to move the then Yakima Bears here with a campaign of lies, a campaign of screwing the people of this county to include surcharges on movie tickets and just about every other ticket imaginable to pay for it...

... a stadium stuck in the worst possible location (Clark College) instead of at the Fairgrounds... much like Hillsboro placed their stadium in their athletic complex...

Partnered up with then-Commissioner Steve "I don't speak for the people" Stuart to try and ram this thing down our throats.

Well, my lovely wife and I have become staunch supporters of the Hillsboro Hops; after all, I bear some modicum of responsibility for getting this outcome, so, it wouldn't be fair to not support them.

Last year, the Hops won it all; this year, with a brand new team that had only 5 returnees, they've won their division and start their defense of their title in a mere 9 hours or so... and The wife and I will be going back to Hillsboro tonight to watch the frst game of the series and then we'll be going to the TriCities to watch the final two games (It's only a 3 game series) if needed.

I bring this to your attention because watching these kids play... so few of them to ever wear a major-league uniform, is poetry.  They play their hearts out.  They put everything they have into it.  Watching them is watching pure athletics.

And, I bring this to your attention to remind you what COULD have been done if those trying to ram this scam down our throats had merely listened to the people instead of putting their own agenda first.

But then, that's certainly what Steve Stuart did for the whole time he was a commissioner.

Meanwhile, sit back and relax for a couple of minutes and watch the highlights from late last night (The game last 4 hours and 15 minutes or so, ending at about 11:20) as the Hops won the deciding game of their three-game divisional series.


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