Monday, September 21, 2015

As expected, the scum of the Kelso teacher's union are flipping off the judge and staying on strike: the irony of the week.


Whoda thunk it?

Besides me, I mean.

You see, these scum bitch and whine and moan over the McCleary decision by our Supreme Court. They complain and yell and scream that our legislature should just jump through whatever hoop those idiots on the Court hold up.

The legislature should, of course, ignore them: equal branches of government and all that.  But that's a subject for the many other posts I've written on the subject.

Meanwhile, teacher union scum in Kelso have ALSO been given an order by a Court... and what are they going to do?

Ignore it.

And how weird is THAT kind of hypocrisy?

The teacher scum up there are, of course, abandoning the children so they can get a few more of our dollars through their extortion.

Swell.  Except for one thing: teacher strikes are illegal.

So, a judge has ordered them back to work on Tuesday.  The union, according to KOIN 6 at 11:00 pm, has made the decision to blow the judge off.

Yet, these same lowlifes would DEMAND that the legislature kiss the collective ass of the state supreme court and hold us up at gun point to give these scum even MORE money.

No.  Hell, no.

So now, the ball is firmly in the judge's court... so to speak.

He has a variety of options: he can begin to arrest the teachers (I recommend alphabetically) he can arrest the scum running the union; he can fine the union, say, $100,000 a day; he can fine the individual teachers $100,000 a day (or more), he can yank the teaching credentials of every striking teacher... there's a lot he needs to do:

But the question is: will he do it?

Meanwhile, if I were the school district, I would withdraw the current contract offer and go back to whatever these scum had before the talks began.

Then, I would reduce the number by 1% per day until the union quit this garbage.

But that's just me: because clearly, what's being done now just ain't working.

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