Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Why I hate the Iran Nuclear deal in a few sentences.


The clown shilling it to us lied his collective ass off on Obamacare and he did it knowingly.

He's lied about a lot.  He's lied so much that no one with any sense believes him about anything.

He stupidly didn't demand that Iran fork over the Americans before these "negotiations" started, and he made a deal with a terrorist outfit that puts a million people into downtown Tehran chanting, "death to America."

That's the kind of thing that can happen when you "negotiate" from a position of weakness.

The question is this:

With this lie in place, is American prestige in the region greater... or weaker.... than it was before?

And that's Obama's problem.  You can only lie so much for so long... and then YOUR assurances are meaningless.

We lost.  And Obama set us up to lose.  And so did the rest of the Middle East.

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