Monday, August 17, 2015

Trumps immigration/illegal alien plan.

While many applaud his effort (Deport them all) I believe he's ramming a square peg into a round hole.

His plan will not fix the problem, which is "America as destination resort for illegal aliens."  As long as illegals can continue to get benefits and jobs that Americans can get, then who can blame them for coming here?

WE allow that stuff.  What are WE doing about it?

The key to success is far simpler than Trump's plan, which would be cumbersome to implement, slow, and require a massive expansion (for a few years) of immigration courts.

1.  Fine each country of origin $10 million for each illegal alien in the United States who's here or comes here.

2.  Require proof of citizenship akin to a federal ID, for any job or service or involvement in voting: schooling, medical care, major purchase, licensing of any kind, from drivers to law to medicine.

I have no problem with federal ID.  I carried it in some matter or another for 14 odd years.  It was called "military ID."

I have no problem in cancelling voter registration once every four years, not unlike a driver's license; requiring renewal of that registration; proof of citizenship and ID.

3.  Prosecute anyone/imprison who hires an illegal.  Confiscate their property/businesses under drug forfeiture laws.  Provide business with that incentive as a reason to make SURE their workers are employed legally.

4.  Eliminate any pathway to citizenship for any illegal arrested and convicted of anything.  Eliminate bond; eliminate sanctuary cities.  Do not allow any pathway to citizenship to begin within the United States.  Eliminate any welfare, social security or tax benefit for illegals.  And yes, that will require those providing these services to get proof of legal residence or American citizenship, including schools, hospitals, insurance and the like. Require federal insurance for acts of illegal aliens.

If illegals can no longer get work, own houses, cars, or rent places to live; send their kids to our schools, get medical treatment, save for emergent until stabilized and deported care, get free money for breaking our laws... then why would they come here?

What's more, steps should be taken to revoke the citizenship of anyone who has achieved citizenship who also commits a felony... or perhaps even a gross misdemeanor.

Illegal aliens are a problem.  We don't have enough money to take care of citizens of this country, let alone millions of illegals who have no right to be here.  They receive benefits for breaking our laws that many veterans can only dream of.

And the way to stem this tide is to put an end to the left's illegal alien voter program.

I believe my concept would achieve the same ends with a much easier means.

We break up no families: children of illegals born here can feel free to either remain or leave with them; but having been brought here "young" (The so-called Dream Act types) does not mean you're violating the law any less and we, as taxpayers, should not be held accountable for the decisions you parents made to bring you here illegally.

Children born here of illegal aliens can, perhaps, stay here as to not run afoul of Constitutional issues.... BUT; their citizenship can be modified in such a way that being born here provides you with no right to bring your illegal alien relatives into this country; i.e., the benefits of being an anchor baby.

I don't particularly blame illegals for wanting to come here: While the US isn't heaven, it likely is to them, considering the benefits they get for merely breaking our laws.

So, I believe the way to address this is quite simply eliminating any possible benefit they get for acting on such a decision.

The left's whine and cry that "we're breaking up families!" is garbage: we're not breaking up anything: they are.

This wouldn't even be an issue if the parents had made the decision to break our laws.  The leftist alternative, because they want the illegal alien vote, is to reward them for that decision and those acts.

But no one is forcing the children of illegal aliens to leave, per se'.  But that you have a child or children in this country of illegal alien parents does nothing to make them any more legal and that decision is entirely THEIRS... meaning, perhaps they should have thought about that at the time instead of using that system as a way to scam the people of this country into breaking the rules.

Meanwhile, the left and RINOs will ignore all of this in their political expediency and decide that throwing us all under the illegal alien bus makes much more sense.

Except more and more Americans are getting sick of watching us be slaughtered by illegal alien criminals who should not have been here in the first place, enabled by sanctuary cities and a government at both the state and federal levels... including a Congress now controlled by the so-called GOP, who enables these thugs to be here with no action taken to put an end to it.

I wonder what Obama's thoughts would be if one of HIS daughters was murdered by an illegal alien?

And to the GOP: if you wind up with this guy as the GOP candidate and subsequently the President, it's because you failed to listen to the people that make up your party.

I've been telling you for months that Trump's issues aren't going away and YOUR failure to do anything about many of these issues has made something like this inevitable. And the more you hammer this guy WITHOUT addressing his issues in such a way as to make changes... the more likely you are to propel him to the top job.

And then, you'll have no one to blame but yourselves.

Meanwhile, until this country finds the fortitude to ACT... they are going to keep coming because our government on both sides lacks the testicular fortitude to act... and Trump is the result.

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