Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Trump Impact.

One of the mistakes many have made this early on in this cycle is a decision to support someone that they'll never get to vote for.

That is not to say that we all shouldn't be paying attention to these candidates and formulating the list of those you won't vote for.

At this point, my "won't vote for list" is Bush, Gilmore, Graham, Kasich, Pataki, Paul, Perry, Rubio, Stantorum, Walker, Clinton, Sanders, Biden.

The "might vote for, but am unlikely to see on the ballot" list is Jindal, Huckabee.

The "would vote for" includes Carson, Trump, Fiorina, Cruz.

As expected and as I have been saying for weeks, Trump sucks allo of the oxygen out of the political room.  At varying levels, Carson, Trump and Cruz have been saying much the same things that Trump has been saying; and to me, it is of note that the GOP'ers who avoid the issues Trump brings up and hammers on are sinking like rocks in the polls.

As I anticipated, the GOP Establishment is stunned.  The foolish coronation of Jebbie is blowing apart not unlike the left's idiotic coronation of HillBilly.

Here's what I want:  I want a President who is fearless.

I am sick to death of that incompetent coward in the White House today.  I am sick of the blood on his hands.  I am sick of losing.  I am sick of podunk, backwater outfits like Iran pushing us around at the risk of tens of millions of lives in a nuclear holocaust that WE, the United States, are not only going to allow, but through our actions, actually encourage.

I am sick of massive unemployment, the cancer of Obamacare, the plague of illegal aliens coming to the resort destination we've set up and leaders viewing the Constitution as their own personal roll of toilet paper.

I'm sick of Republicans lying to get elected.  And I'm well aware that many believe Trump to be a liar, playing us to get elected.  My default is that... considering how Republicans at every level, from the Legislature up through the US House and Senate, do that already, what's the worst that can happen?

A $20 trillion deficit?  Well, we're on track to get that as it is.

Ongoing embarrassment in foreign policy?  You mean, like scumbags allowing Iran and Russia and China to beat us like rented step-children?

A waste of hundreds of billions for a lied-about health care system?  Well, thanks to the GOP Senate, we've already got that as well.

Millions of illegal aliens coming here and sucking this country dry while the GOP talks... but does nothing to act?  How much worse can it get?

I can gamble on occasion.  This is one of those times when I reminded of that old saw, "the Arc was built by amateurs... the Titanic was built by experts."

I have been saying for some time now that the Establishment candidates... all candidates... can get on the issues advocated by Trump that they hate to even talk about, let alone act on, or they can get run over by those same issues.

Are they listening?

Who in a million years would ever think that Jebbie would actually condone the use of the term "anchor babies?"

And who, in a million years, believes that he'd be publicly OK with it if Trump hadn't fought that battle first, to have the Establishment come to know ow wildly popular that position is?

The problem for Bush and the rest of the Establishment types is that "me, too," ain't gonna cut it.

If candidates want to pre-empt the Trump Effect, they have to get out in front of him and force HIM into the "me, too," position.

Since Trump, however, is calling most of the shots while the Establishment looks on in a combination of horror and disbelief, that ain't likely.

Continuing to do the same thing, with the same candidates, gets us no where.  Is Trump the answer?

I don't know.  But if candidates want to win, then they're going to have to out-Trump Trump to make that happen.... just like they've been out-democrating the democrats.

And except for obvious betrayal... what has that brought us?

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