Monday, August 03, 2015

I KNOW the C3G2 haters are feelin' it.

Yes, boys and girls, I've been suspecting for some time now that the partisan hatred driving Lying Lefty Lou and the Winged Monkeys of the C3G2 hate group won't be enough to keep Madore out.

And these clown are feeling it big time.  Here's a sample
Neil Pope
"remains optimistic that the county will hit the 30 percent voter return the Clark County elections office projected." This is just sad . . . optimistic that possibly 30 percent were going to bother to vote.

I have a feeling that Madore is getting it handed to him on a silver platter.
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Thom Rasmussen · 
One can only hope.
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Neil Pope
I'm talking about what he wants Thom . . . Not his head.

The North County vote is a strong thing and that's Madore's ideological base. Even if he doesn't get the Chair, I fear Stewart will and that opens up a spot for CCGOP to put a Madore minion into. If that happen's he'll have his council majority and if you think it's bad now, just wait.

To all of you who didn't vote, the stench from that coming true, is on your feet. Good luck shaking it off.
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Thom Rasmussen · 
Neil Pope , we still have a general to go through. Could be Dalesandro or Boldt.
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Thom Rasmussen · 

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Hatred doesn't result in winning when the one you hate actually gets the job done and actually keeps their promises.

The partisan nature of this hatred... all left, all the time... is the biggest problem these clowns have, because the left has no one of any stature (Boldt or Dalesandro) to run against the 3 GOP incumbents.

The scum on C3G2 aren't thinking with their brains, but then, since when have they?

They're thinking with their partisan emotions: they hate Madore, therefore EVERYBODY hates Madore.

And I just don't believe that to be the case.  Yet, if you're not a part of their amen chorus, they heap scorn on you and, typically, ban you... the same kind of thing they roundly condemned Madore for doing.

But it's clear by reading many of their comments over the past couple of years that anyone who disagrees with them is, in their view, stupid or ignorant. Or, as it was put tonight on one FB page, "embedded in the GOP..." as if these people weren't "embedded" in the local communist party, excuse me, the local democrats.

They fail to look around and wonder why so few of their ilk get elected.  They simply cannot understand how anyone Madore endorsed in the last cycle (Stewart, Atkins, Wilson, Pike, for example) were not thrashed out there by a population that simply does not agree with them... and, therefore, are too stupid to live, practically subhumans to be ignored.  Also, Madore's pet project, the East County Bridge advisory, passed county wide, yet another sign he's not the damaged goods the left would love to have you believe he is.

In fact, one of these fringe left scum, running for District 2 councilor, actually went out and bought hundreds of little signs and illegally attached them to many campaign signs for those candidates and others, thinking that if Madore supports them, money or no, well, hell, there's no way they could possibly win.

And yet they did win.  And that SHOULD have been just the tiniest clue that hatred as a campaign tactic isn't going to cut it.

I get why they're doing it.  With a brand rotten through and through (Democrat?  Really?) how can they fight it out on the issues?

We're taxed to death as it is: electing someone who would do whatever they could to ram even more taxes down our throats is hardly likely.  Right, Sen. Rivers?

So, with political issues unavailable to them and Madore having the ability to run a text book campaign, what else is left?


It's all they've got.

For example, one of the haters wrote this tripe on a local page tonite:
Perhaps "Madore Supporter's" employment has caused her to be hyper-sensitive to contrary views. I know I'd be ultra self conscious if I made the choice to collude with Madore. Mirroring is a natural reaction to a situation like Anna's. Plus, she's highly influenced by extremely negative folks like Lew Waters, Kj Hinton, Gary Holmer, Christian Berrigan and, well, pretty much anyone embedded in CCGOP. Sad, really.
That's the atypical response of the C3G2 hater in a nutshell... a variety of Nazi-like arrogance that should have been stamped out in Der Fuhrer Bunker.

The woman who wrote this either doesn't know or doesn't care that typically when I write about the local GOP it's to beat the hell out of them because of their paralysis, their failure to discipline elected officials who violate GOP tenets without giving it a second thought... for example, Ridgefield Barbie, the Camas Manikin or our Auditor, who lied in the voter's pamphlet at the behest of the left and lied repeatedly about the county charter to get it passed.

I am not a member of their organization and never will be.

I have been, however... even serving in the capacity of State GOP Executive Director.

I have long since got past party labels as a reason to do anything.  In the last election, for example, most of my ballot was filled with the usual Mickey Mouse write ins.

I didn't vote in the congressional race: neither candidate should be allowed in government.

I voted for Stewart, against the idiotic lie of a charter and for our current democrat prosecutor Golik, who I also gave a donation to (A small one... I'm not made of money, you know) I voted for Pike, against Van Nortwick, FOR the now Chair of the Democrat Party here locally (Pauli Hammond) and against Scott Weber (I will never vote for any candidate who lies to get elected)  Atkins for Sheriff, Colas for treasurer (Lasher's been mailing it in for years, now...) and I think Donald Duck got the rest.

So, no... if anything, I'm as far as possible out of the local GOP.  And party labels has nothing to do with who I will or won't support.

Just ask our congresswoman.

The most evil aspects of politics do take a toll.  This year was the last straw.  In fact, recent actions by an elected official concerning the gas tax and tab fees has caused me to leave active politics altogether.  I'm not going to attend political events... or work on campaigns in any capacity henceforth.

But the woman whop wrote the except above is such a hating, fringe-left partisan hack that she automatically assumes that because I'm smart enough to disagree with her and her fellow scum, I'm "embedded in the CCGOP" and as such, that is sad, really.... and therefore that somehow, that label eliminates any value I may have... my 27 years of political experience... my 6 years on legislative staff... my degree in political science/government.... because I am on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

I am universally reviled on BOTH sides of that spectrum, to be sure.  Last time cycle, for example, Madore defeated Marc Boldt for commissioner while Boldt's people (Actually, one person that I know of, Jim Mains, a leftist of some note himself) went out and told the political world that the reason I was so strongly opposed to Boldt's election was that Madore was paying me.

That was because, then and now, Boldt is my brother-in-law, and the very idea that I could oppose this champion of the CRC and $8 tolls and confiscating our weapons in the event of an emergency and being the downtown mafia's buttboy on all matters CTran, including raising our taxes, was simply beyond his comprehension unless I was being paid for the privilege.

Never mind that it's simply not true.  The left isn't very big on the truth: whenever the right speaks the truth, the left's position is that they're lying; and whenever the left lies, well, that's just peachy with them.  (Its the sickly-sweet stench of hypocrisy, you understand)   And this poor, misguided leftist wretch boiled it down to a nutshell with her ignorance.

So, do the people hate Madore in the numbers that Brancaccio and the C3G2 mob that he whips up with a snap of the finger believe they do?

Of course not.  You can dislike some of the things he's done or how he's gone about doing them. (I do.)  I also don't like fountain Diet Coke as much as fountain Diet Pepsi or fountain Diet Mountain Dew.

But I don't hate it, and I'll drink it when the others aren't in the gas station.

But what has Madore done that should result in their hatred?  Or Mielke?  Or Stewart?

Nothing.  But rank, DNA-level partisanship can result in that kind of hatred, and I experience it on the other side of the spectrum because I call out that worthless waste of skin representing us in DC... and it's the kind of hatred that's bipartisan in nature and expressed by both sides.

Yet, there it is, on display for all to see at the C3G2 hate site and in various articles printed in the daily democrat... and the comments underneath said articles.

Gotta wonder, though.  If, as I suspect, Madore wins this, what then?

Well, we know what then.  And it will certainly be sheer, unadulterated entertainment for political junkies.

Their hypocrisy over the money issue reeks.  Their frustration over the worm of doubt wriggling in their "collective's" brain bubbles to the surface.  And they fear that when it's all over, their carefully laid plans to screw Madore will have gone up in smoke, and they'll look even more moronic than they typically do.

Tsk, tsk.

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Lew Waters said...

Don't know who wrote that crap about me having any influence over Anna Miller, but they sure know nothing and haven't ever followed me.

Funny how they think they are so well informed, but have no idea of how I actually feel about Anna Miller or Madore.

In another thread, they pontificate over my backing away from going public with things I have documented against Madore and never realize the main reason now is looking forward to their heads exploding, should he win.

As with you, even though my blogging is about half of what it used to be, I am continually lumped in with the RPCCGOP, even though it was they that engaged in such deep smears against me last year for exposing Berrigan's effort at stacking PCO slots.

And the RPCCGOP sees me as a Liberal, LOL.

To say they all know nothing would be a gross understatement.

But as you indicate, hatred drives people to do some really weird things.