Monday, August 31, 2015

Boldt gets the primate endorsement.

One of the more troubling aspects of Marc Boldt, who is also my brother-in-law, is that he's not particularly a detail oriented guy.

Take, for example, this screen capture of his endorsement list from his website:

When David Madore was running for Commissioner in 2012, I seem to remember that the democratian made a big deal about his endorsement list.

But that was then and this is now, and, of course, the democratian are double-standard-leftist hypocrites, so I don't expect we'll see anything about Marc's campaign "monkeying around" with HIS endorsement list... will we?  After all, while they're no longer the official paper of Clark County, they are, in fact, the official hypocrites of Clark County.

And for the record, Judy Chipman is also our respective mother-in-law.

Looks like Marc got a tad bit TOO Freudian here.  Fortunately, I don't get to explain it all too her.

Chances are, it's a typo.  But it's of the glaring, obvious variety... kind of like when Marc sent out that idiotic emailer where he managed to misspell his own name... since he has personally assured me that HE wrote said letter.... and not that fringe-leftist Jim Mains who's running his campaign.

And Marc would NEVER lie to me... would he? 

Except for when he has, I mean.

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