Friday, July 24, 2015

Thoughts on this election, locally.

It's a new set of tea leaves, to be sure.  And it's highly unusual to open a ballot and see only a single issue... in my case, the vote on the county chair... as the only thing requiring a vote.

As expected, turnout appears to be pathetic.  And that's typically a bad sign for leftist candidates, in my case, Boldt and Dalesandro.

Local leftists, including some who know better but who want to ride the crest of their meme, are already firing up their "Madore bought the election" scam as plan A, while if he doesn't make it, firing up their "Madore sucked so much that he COULDN'T buy the election" fall back position.

Situational ethics aside (and if the left is known for anything, they're known for that variety of hypocrisy) money does NOT buy elections.

As an incumbent, if your performance sucks and your record sucks, typically, that means with an articulate challenger with a plan, you're likely to lose.

As a challenger, the critical element is voter anger.  Not the fragmented, artificial fringe-leftist hatred variety practiced here by the democratian and their C3G2 hate group proxy... but wide-based, voter anger at a failure to implement the campaign promises that got you the job in the first place and a lack of a future vision.

Now, Dalesandro's a punk and his tenure in Battle Ground has been a joke.  Save for voting to ram a $20 car tab fee down the throat of his constituents, he has done nothing of note.

He's a fringe-left, Obama worshiping nut who would bring that undercurrent of failed policies and disrespect to the job where he would always, stupidly, believe himself to be the smartest guy in the room while making external excuses for ignoring the voters and, effectively, lying to them.

Boldt, of course, has an abysmal record of 2 terms as a commissioner that undercuts everything he might want to do... except, besides some nebulous, idiotic, "bring us together" stupidity ain't much.  Unfortunately, an 8 year record of ignoring us on the CRC, tax increases and, of course, his famous unconstitutional ordinance support to take our weapons away from us in the event of an emergency.... well, any one of those things would be enough to kill the deal for me... while all of them together?

That means he shouldn't be elected 3rd grade hall monitor.

That leaves the sitting councilors.

All three have a record of service.  All three have a record of fighting the special interests and leftists infesting us.

Two of the three hold the democratian in the proper amount of contempt.  They made sure that, for example, Lying Lefty Lou has suffered the embarrassment of losing his "paper of record" designation to a weekly, perhaps the only daily paper in the world to suffer such a fate.

All 3 have a years-long record of fighting to keep the CRC/Loot Rail scam in check for a decade.  All 3 have earned the democratian's hatred and ridicule, a years long Rule 5 effort, straight out of Alinsky's Rules.

Of the 3, Tom Mielke has spent the most time in office, with 4 terms in the House and 2 on the county commission, for a total of around 15 years at this point.

Jeanne Stewart had spent several tumultuous years doing all she could to represent us on the CTran Board only to be viciously attacked by The Liar Leavitt and Lying Lefty Lou at the rag.  Her service is around just under 13 years.

David Madore has been in office for the past 3 years, having defeated the aforementioned Boldt for the reasons already stated.

I wouldn't lose any sleep no matter which of these 3 win, ultimately.

At this point, with the abysmal turn out, it looks like a fight between the three sitting councilors.  I wouldn't at all be surprised if number 1 and 2 in the general were from these 3, though conventional wisdom would indicated that as the only declared democrat, that simpering idiot from Battle Ground is likely to make it to the general with the same 25% of the vote he'll get in the general.

But imagine a Mielke-Madore general.  The sound of leftist heads popping all over the county would be symphonic.

Who knows?  This is an entirely new set of tea leaves to run a twig through and I can be just as wrong as the next guy.

Win or lose however, it won't be because of money.  If it were money, we'd have a commissioner Joe Tanner... and we don't have that, do we?

In the second district, only Benton has separated herself from the pack on the idiocy of the CRC.  ALL of the rest of them, including Olson, are the same where it matters.  And I wouldn't be caught dead voting for anyone who believes replacing the I-5 Bridge is even needed, let alone our top transportation priority.

Green, of course, has been instrumental in running the C3G2 hate group and is a total CTran lackey.  Electing him guarantees electing another clown who'll ignore the voters and support all the things local leftist scum are so in favor of: increased taxes, bigger government, more social crap.  Further, this scumbag shouldn't be rewarded for his part in the charter hatred.

I'd write about the remaining councilor and city council races, but to put a point on it, they're not my circus... so they ain't my monkeys.

Whatever government we wind up with is the one we deserve.

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