Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Local losers and winners in the gas tax debacle.

1.  Loser - The people of Clark County (1)

While there are those who are, in fact, paid to lie, such as Mark Brown, who falsely claimed 
"This is a damn good package for Clark County," said Mark Brown, a lobbyist who represents the region in Olympia.
That's the kind of thing he's paid to say.

What... does anyone expect him to tell the truth?

"This packaged sucked and the Senate ought to be ashamed of themselves?"

Fat chance.

The idea that 1.3% of this GOP Con Job equates to a "damn good package" for ANY county is insane, let alone the 4th or 5th largest county by population in the state?

PARTICULARLY when half the money will be wasted on constructing a CRC project at the Mill Plain/I-5 freeway intersection that we do not need or want.

2.  Loser - The People of Clark County (2)

The GOP Senate made it clear that they don't give a damn what the people of this state want, and the GOP Senators voting for this crap pile have made it just as clear that when it comes to their agenda, they're no different than democrats.

Those voting for this idiocy locally, including democrat pols Cleveland, Moeller and Wylie as well as Republicans King and Rivers, did so deliberately, KNOWING that they had shut the people out of the equation.

The democrats voted for this shit because they never give a damn what the people want except to lie to them in the run up to the general election.  But as soon as they're (re)elected, that stops being a concern.

In the end, the thing that matters the most in this package will get the least:  Roads.

And the special interests calling the shots?

Well, I'm sure they'll provide suitable rewards.  After all, what they wanted certainly was more important... MUCH more important... than what the people of these districts wanted.... right?

3.  Loser - Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18)

When you run for the Senate on a platform that states this:
  I believe in the concept that every dime of taxpayer money (meaning every dollar of revenue from whatever the source) should be squeezed until it screams. I will not support an increase in the gas tax. I will not support increases in tab fees. The people have spoken and I have listened. We will spend billions to move the tiniest number of people when we should be finding an implementing new and innovative ways to move the MOST number of people for the LEAST amount of money. Wasteful spending like that on the CRC is not what we want or need. Massive projects like that MUST have the permission of those who, allegedly, will “benefit” from such a project at the ballot box. At minimum, ALL of the financial impacts, including the obvious negative impacts on families and small business depending on the hundreds of dollars per year must be considered: not just the cherry-picked variety favored by proponents of light rail and replacing a bridge in the same location. The Rivers Wheels Plan: Transportation that Works
And then you turn around and vote for legislation that, in fact, is the biggest increase in the gas tax in this state's history to make it the highest, or among the highest in the country.... if you vote for legislation that allows municipalities to IMPOSE tab fee increases without a vote... and you vote for this MASSIVE tax increase after supporting an emergency clause and making sure that no referendum clause is attached... what, exactly, do you call that in the face of Sen. Rivers' promises to the contrary?

Rivers will be vulnerable to a challenge from her right based on the claim that, well, she lied.

And in mouthing the falsity that Inslee was going to implement this huge tax that he couldn't implement as the excuse for this nonsense?  Well, that doesn't explain the House bill to allow him to implement that tax, the GOP applied emergency clause and the lack of a referendum clause... does it?

The fact is that few of us in this county and even fewer in this district will realize anything positive from this betrayal of populism.  But we will feel the pain EVERY time we gas up.  And that could be a serious problem for her, since it completely overshadows the allegedly... but questionably... no new tax general fund budget.

4.  Loser - The GOP Senate.

Does anyone believe they have a hope in hell of retaining control after showing that it really makes no difference, one way or the other if they do?

5.  Winners - Sen. Don Benton (R-17) and Sen. John Braun (R-20)

The local democratian and the C3G2 hate group would love to have everyone believe that Benton is radioactive. 

I don't think so, any more than I believe Madore is.  That the left hates him doesn't mean that the rest of the more normal world does.

In this instance, he was one of two Clark County senators to actually vote for the people instead of the downtown mafia.

Braun represents the very northern area of the county, which after redistricting is also the very southern end of his district.

They will both do well because of their vote here.

6.  Winners - Rep. Pike, Wilson, Vick, Harris, Orcutt and DeBolt.

While taking flak from many of the tin-pot dictators in the district, such as Sean "Fake Cop" Guard, Commissar of Washougal, Pike voted the overwhelming will of the people and was very vocal in her opposition.

When it comes to populism, this will strengthen the popularity of all concerned.

Their districts were very safe, much Like Moeller, who will continue to abuse his district... will get re-elected until he dies... or ends his political career by running for Lt. Governor.

Nevertheless, glimpsing the Facebook traffic of Guard with Pike where he made it clear that like most leftists, he could give a rat's ass about what the people want, tremendous pressure was brought to bear.

More as I get it.

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