Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Boldt guaranteed to lose again: Mains running his campaign

As I suspected for some time now, Jim Mains is going to lose another campaign for Marc Boldt.

The messenger, if not the author of the lie that I was opposing Boldt, my own brother-in-law, for election to anything because David Madore was paying me, Mains did an abysmal job running Boldt's last disaster, much like he ran Shane Gardner's abortion of a campaign and others foolish enough to hire him or his company to do anything besides take out the trash.

Thanks to Mains, Boldt is effectively broke and has nothing left that can make any difference in the foregone outcome of his abysmal effort.

Instead of hiring those morons, that's money better spent on targeted mailings or even robo calls (Marc's good at that.  Remember the one he did for that idiotic CTran tax increase?) that simply isn't there.

But Mains gets paid.


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