Monday, June 08, 2015

When is it OK for a candidate to lie to get elected?

I'd really like to know.

How many years have we been hearing "Bush lied, people died?"

Why is it only "bad" for GOP candidates and electeds to lie?

Why isn't it just as bad for leftist candidates and electeds to lie?

Who is it we insist on holding accountable when they commit what amounts to fraud to get elected or to have their issue, project, initiative or referendum passed?

Why is it that those who bear the party label we may have some allegiance with get a pass?

Why is it OK for those scamming us through initiative and referendum getting a pass?  Why do we turn away from those who lie instead of striving to hold them directly accountable for their acts?

Remember the last gas tax vote and the pie-in-the-sky project list that got whacked by half over the next few months after the suckers in this state voted for it?

Who was held accountable for that?

How about the slime shilling the pot initiative?

We now have unlegalized pot flooding our streets and our neighborhoods, as lie after lie was promulgated by those in favor... and many with a financial stake in the outcome.

Most of those lies are, of course, unaddressed.

Pot, of course, remains illegal federally and, due to the supremacy clause, that means EVERYWHERE.  It was not even close to the budgetary panacea the scum behind this rip off claimed it would be... underperforming by a factor of roughly 20 to 1 ($582 million in yearly revenue promised, roughly $30 million per year to date delivered.)  Our jails are still full, illegal sales have skyrocket because black market pot has remained so much cheaper... and now children are getting busted openly smoking this crap while car wrecks related to using this garbage skyrocket.

Instead of holding the low-life's responsible for the lying sludge of a campaign, what does our legislature do?

Let them completely off the hook, sending the message that it's perfectly OK to lie to get what you want.

And that, of course, will certainly do nothing to REDUCE the lying... of anyone in future campaigns.  It will, in fact, amp the lies up since the people have repeatedly shown they're willing to believe anything and hold no one accountable.

The result?

You're a fool if you believe any initiative campaign.  You're an idiot if you just buy whatever a candidate's campaign trowels out.

You're equally a moron if you believe the opposition to those campaigns... IF.... IF... you just take it all at face value.

I loathe liars in office.  I despise those who have lied because they have no honor.  And while many reading this will, most assuredly, roll their eyes at my pie-in-the-sky naivete, I have never been the "go-along-to-get-along" type, anywhere generally but in my political life particularly.

For example, one might ask my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt.  We've already had "discussions" over his candidacy and why I will again oppose his election to anything that could remotely govern me.

When I called county clerk Scott Weber out for being lying scum last election cycle, I was castigated by some... and actually told that his lie to get rid of the elective job of county clerk was not, in fact, a lie.

A lawyer with strong GOP ties told me that.

I suppose it all depends on what your definition of "is, is".

Remember this in the upcoming and future election years.

Remember the lies behind the charter and the liars behind them.  Remember how none of them have been held accountable and one of the biggest liars with the most to lose with this rip off, a "man" who now thinks he should become an ELECTED liar in the District 2 councilor race... a man who spread his name familiarity through a fringe-left political hate group... actually believes that he should get a job because of his skills in falsity.

Our political system is teetering on the brink.  And we're willing accomplices every time we vote for a liar.

And believe me, there are liars on the left and liars on the right.   There are liars who promise anything to get elected ("I won't vote for a gas tax increase; I will work to have this office be appointed instead of elected; I oppose tolls on the I-5 Bridge; I'm on 6 different committees in the House...") and liars who promise anything to get their initiative or referendum passed ("Gun control will reduce crime rates; if we legalize pot, it will bring in $582 million a year to the general fund...) and there are precisely two main reasons why they keep it up:

1.  Liars are never held accountable even when those in a position to do so could if they had the will;

2.  Voters are as stupid and gullible as Jonathan Gruber said they are.

And those in power know this in their DNA.  Most of them count on it.  Most of them are sell outs and for sale, either in cash or some other benefit... making our electoral system not unlike a rotting corpse.

And man, are we all doing great as a result, or what?

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