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What would MLK think of the content of Dolezal's "character?" And the disturbing support for this woman?

So, the Spokane NAACP fell for the fraud being perpetrated by the apparently transracial (Yet another soon-to-be protected class of people, I'm sure) Rachel Dolezal and elected her chapter president.

That's fine... after all, look who the voters of this country elected to be US president and what a complete and total disaster he's turned out to be.

Well, the Microwaveable Muffin has resigned.

Hopefully, that's just the start and where possible, she'll be criminally prosecuted for committing this massive and ongoing fraud.

But for purposes of this post, that's neither here nor there.

For me, by far, the most disturbing thing about this situation isn't whatever the sickness was that drove her to be a black wannabe... or how she raped a system that shouldn't be in place under any circumstances anyway...

No... the most disturbing thing is the support she's received for perpetrating the fraud in the first place.

The inevitable happened: Dolezal resigned before the rank and file threw her out.

Unlike most with a take on this, I don't believe she was mental, per se'.  I believe she felt herself so inadequate... and, in fact, proved herself so inadequate... that the scam of race-huckstering had a natural appeal to someone of her self-loathing.

She reminds me of the Stolen Valor types, wandering around, ripping people off as they use their tales of a false combat narrative to gain advantages financially or socially.

So, when I reviewed her self-flagellating resignation statement and the comments that followed, I was slack-jawed in astonishment at many of the comments.

Many posting comments SUPPORT this woman!

They honestly don't CARE that she used them... lied to them... played them.

It's astonishing in its depth and breadth.
  • Margo Schulter As an Ashkenazi Jewish woman who seeks to oppose racism in all of its forms, I see it quite possible for Rachel Dolezal to be an authentic Black-identified or Afrocentric woman who happens to be of European descent, and I respect her self-definition.

    The problems, I think, may have arisen because there are situations where fairness requires knowledge of both sides of that equation. Thus I affirm Rachel's identity, and would gladly lend her any friendly support I could at this moment of personal crisis for her. At the same time, I do see disclosure of her biological ancestry, which in no way invalidates either her sense of Black identity nor the family ties she has developed within the Black or African-American communities, as imperative in situations where ethnic diversity is being sought. She adds a very special kind of diversity which should be cherished, not ridiculed, but needs to be recognized as the unique kind of experience it is.

    And, like Rachel, I salute the very diverse history of the NAACP and hope that this difficult episode will ultimately help to deconstruct the myth of race and hasten equality for all.
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  • John Dawah Men can go around dressing like woman. But a white can't become black. We are all the children of adam anyone. She should have stayed
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  • Phil Clark I wish people would just leave her alone. Skin color shouldn't matter, in helping others or having the desire to. If she lied about her race, then so be it. Everyone has told a lie about something in life. Nobody is perfect. All of you judgemental people should just let it go, and let her do her job. Check yourselves instead of being all-in on the business of somebody else.
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    Brandon Bedford So sad. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. She did not deserve this. Her heart was in the right place regardless of whether or not she wanted to be black blah blah blah. She was doing good for the world.
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  • Mac Charles I see know reason For Rachel Dozel to step down because of media hypter tension. I think the people should encourage her to remain and continue her job at NAACP. We are all human and from time to time we will make mistakes but what is important is that we learn from those mistakes and evolve. I am hoping the organization will encourage her to remain and continue her career helping those who are in need of help.
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There are, literally, hundreds of similar sentiments.

And there was the answer to the question... staring me in the face:

How is it that the minority population of this country has become so dependent and incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions?

How do they allow the democrats and their plantation mentality to treat them like they this was 1855 and not 2015?

How is it that anyone generally and blacks specifically pays any attention of any kind to hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson?

These scum calling themselves "Reverend" is a lie.  Everything ABOUT them is a lie.

And yet, the black sheep simply go along with the program of these two and those like them.

And I firmly believe that because, in addition to being inculcated with victimhood... they've been equally inculcated with situational ethics.

Let's put the shoe on the other foot.  If someone outside what I call The Black World betrayed them... or, say, shot a thug like Travon or a thug like Brown... THAT level of self-deluded betrayal... well, you know what would happen.

But here, this groups fails to acknowledge they screwed up.  They failed to say, "you know what?  This woman put one over on us."

And that likely goes to the heart of the matter.  Those victimized by the race hustlers... and face it, the NAACP can be counted among that group... refuse to admit it.  The hucksters play them like a bass fiddle... and even though, I believe, in MANY instances... they KNOW it's happening... they refuse to admit it.

They refuse to acknowledge the evil because it's race-based.

When they vote , based on race, that's OK.  And Obama picked up the black vote at a what... 95%+ rate?

But if WHITE voters were to make that same calculus on vote 95% for the white candidate... what would that be?


And that's the problem at the core of the minority world.  It's a world where self-accountability is a pipe dream.

It's a world where failure isn't learned from: it's blamed on others.  You can see it in the President.  It's inculcated into his DNA.  His wife stands as one of the most racially divisive people on the planet... a woman who could not find any pride in her country until the "stupid voters" of Gruber fame stepped up and put him in charge.

And how this nation has suffered... and will continue to suffer for decades to come... for that foolish decision.

Meanwhile, the African-American world continues to sink.  They continue to, in large part, engage in self-pity, fixated on a past without thinking in terms of a bright future.  They never stop to think that the entirety of humanity... or most of it, anyway, lives in a squalor worse than the worst situation anyone lives in within our borders... unless those living worse here are choosing to do so.

I would never dare to presume to speak for Dr. King, a flawed but great man who was not only, I believe, determined to bring black America racial equality... but who was also determined to position blacks so that they would pull themselves up out of their poverty and ignorance... and become something they could be proud of... instead of the punchline of a joke that last decades long in the telling.

The only reaction the minority SHOULD have had against Dolezal was revulsion, followed by self-examination.  And introspection just isn't a tenet of the minority world, because every time they are screwed by their own... every time one of their youth is shot... and killed... they remain mute as they progeny is buried.

They idolize criminals and rappers who see their women... all women... as "hoes" and "bitches."  "Bling" means more to them than a solid education and a good job.

They allow hundreds of millions of dollars to be wasted on them... holding none of those "leading" them and spending the money for their own nefarious purposes availing them nothing... accountable.

Let a thug die for even now not particularly well known reasons in Baltimore, and the riots start.

Well, there SHOULD have been riots, all right.

When the test results of the Baltimore School District were announced, the outrage SHOULD have spilled over into the streets.  People of ALL colors SHOULD have burned buildings down in protest.

When less that 20 percent of your 4th graders and 8th graders are reading or doing math at grade level and $18,000 per student is being wasted... and THAT'S the best they could do?

Burn it down.  All of it.

And what did the community most impacted the most by this typical failure do?  How did they express their outrage?

They yawned.

And what would Dr. King think of that?

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