Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Update on councilor races...

Money talks, of course.  Great amounts of it actually scream.

Ultimately, some, like Mike Dalesandro and Tanner Martin (Running in the 2nd District), have so little faith in any serious showing that they haven't even bothered to file their PDC paperwork.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs is positively giddy over local leftists endorsing Dalesandro for county chair because, of course, as the only declared democrat running, they had so many democrat candidates to choose from.


In actual money raised (outside of personal funds) it breaks down like this:

Tom Mielke is the number one cash fundraiser at $19,200
Madore has raised a very respectable $11,700
Boldt's at $4250
Stewart's put $1150 together so far
Dalesandro hasn't bothered to file and is thus at "$0."

In the 2nd district race:

Julie Olson is way out in front with $12,640

Chuckie Green, CRC/BRT scammer extraordinaire is $2840
Mary Benton is till showing "$0"
Pond is still dry, also at "$0"
Martin has yet to file either, so he is also showing at "$0."

Some, like Madore ($36,233) and Green ($6,221) show much higher numbers including both the ubiquitous "in-kind" and "personal" funds than actual cash raised.

In general observations, Madore seems to be doing the best job with social media, appearing everywhere and doing/explaining everything from his perspective.  No one else has yet to use this avenue in anything approaching his saturation.

I continue to believe that one of the 3 sitting councilors will win.

County-wide, the economy is making great strides that were essentially unheard of under leftist control.  Dalesandro knows as much about campaigning as he does brain surgery.  Boldt is a man without a country so to speak, and it's far too close to his last term of betrayal and a tin ear to the people he would govern for him to overcome that... and when combined with his now formalized desertion of the GOP, which in political positions, he actually left a decade ago... combined with a lack of any ability to raise serious money... and he's not likely to be a serious contender.

In the 2nd district, it's a much tougher call between Benton and Olson.

August 4th will be here before you know it.

Don't be an idiot and just settle for whatever is in the voter's pamphlet: Greg Kimsey broke the law and screwed this entire county with his lies on the charter in that very publication.

This time, do yourself and the rest of us a favor: find out what the most important issues are to you, do your research on where the candidates stand on those issues, and vote accordingly.

It's not about who you like or even who you know.

Marc Boldt is a very nice guy, rather likeable.  I wouldn't be caught dead voting for him because I know his history on the issues important to me and I know what he'd try to do to us if he ever was elected again.

That he's my brother-in-law is irrelevant to that decision; I would no more vote for him that I would that fringe-left, partisan hack from Battle Ground.

But that's just me.

The responsibility is on the voter.  And as a nation, we've failed in that responsibility for far too long.  And while none of us can change that nationally, we can do the right thing locally.

So, surprise yourself.

Do it.

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