Friday, June 12, 2015

Thoughts of Black/Minority Privilege.

Like most everyone else, I was stunned that the woman in Cheney/Spokane, WA was "posing" as a black female when she appeared to be the prototypical Swede in her "non-black pictures."

Why would ANYONE want to pose as a member the most downtrodden, despised race in America today?

Is this NAACP President Really Black? Her Parents Say She’s LyingI mean, if race hucksters like Sharpton and extortionists like Jackson and most of the racist Congressional Black Caucus are to be believed, blacks everywhere are treated like crap by everyone generally and police officers particularly.  Who would possibly want to become a part of that?

Who hasn't been enthralled by their riots, their victim-hood and their training to shift accountability to everyone but themselves for their actions?

I mean, the Black Democrat Mayor of Baltimore even GAVE them a looting zone so that before they burned down, in many instances, the lifetime of work for many minority small business owners in that city... so they could actually steal everything that wasn't nailed down, EXCEPT, perhaps, work boots from a shoe store.... you know... before they burned it down?

But then the thought occurred to me that whenever a system... begs to be raped... and Affirmative Action is JUST such a system... someone out there is going to rape it.

Since the halcyon days of now US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) lies about being a Cherokee Indian to gain advantages over her equally white competition for purposes of both politics AND job placement, the lid has blown off.

So, this woman, who looks like she could play the Valkyrie in the opera, looked at the situation and decided she could game it to her advantage and USE the built in crutch of race to further herself professionally.

And who, seriously, has not expected this to happen?

When the definition of Affirmative Action is as nebulous as this:
Affirmative action in the United States tends to focus on issues such as education and employment, specifically granting special consideration to racial minorities and women who have been historically excluded groups in America.
It's like every other scam out there: it's a system.  And with every system, people are out there, ready to game it.

The idiocy, for example, of declaring "women," who are numerically superior in numbers in the population of most countries (Save, say, China) as a "minority" shows the idiocy of such a system.

I can call a watermelon a basketball, but that doesn't make it so.

Now, Dolezal is whiter than I am.  My oldest son will be 30 in a second or so, and he is half-Asian. He's also finishing his second year at University of Oregon Law.


Did he ever use Affirmative Action?

Well, he didn't in this state: it was banned when we adopted the tenet of I-200 in 1998:
(1) The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
Oregon, of course, revels in minority victimhood, as do many states.

IF he used AA to get into Oregon Law, it wasn't because he had to.  His grades were outstanding at every level of high school and at the UW.

But clearly, Dolezal couldn't be a WHITE adjunct professor of some idiocy called "Africana Studies" at one of my alma maters, Eastern Washington Univresity.  (What would happen if someone sued over the lack of a "European Racial Studies" or an "Asiana Studies" department?  The mind boggles.)

Dolezal is clearly "transracial" in the same way our latest victims of society, transsexuals, are that.

She's a black woman trapped inside a white woman's body.

That she's also a total and complete fraud and a liar is neither here nor there.

Clearly, as "bad" as it is to be "black," (and to hear her tell it with her multiple race-based "threats" against her reported to the Spokane Police (None of which were ever founded) it's GOT to be hell on earth)) she saw that she could use her white upbringing (since both her mom AND dad are as white as the driven snow) to her personal, political and financial advantage... if only she were black.  Or, in this case, someone who spent an inordinate amount of time in a tanning booth claiming to BE "black."

And who else used this route to become a professor?

Why, the aforementioned Elizabeth Warren.
Native American heritage controversy[edit
In April 2012, the Boston Herald sparked a campaign controversy when it reported that from 1986 to 1995 Warren had listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) directories.[64] Harvard Law School had publicized her minority status in response to criticisms about a lack of faculty diversity, but Warren said that she was unaware of this until she read about it in a newspaper during the 2012 election.[64][65][66] Scott Brown, her Republican opponent in the Senate race, speculated that she had fabricated Native American heritage to gain advantage in the employment market.[67][68][69] Warren responded that she had self-identified as a minority in the directories in order to meet others with a similar background.[70
So, I get how attractive this sort of thing is... to not only be a victim ONLY because of your gender... but to be a DOUBLE-victim because, horror of horrors, she's a fake minority (female) to begin with and a DOUBLE-minority when you add the burden of a something darker than alabaster skin...except, from all appearances, in real life, she looks like the Snow Queen.

And all of this points to the idiocy of both Affirmative Action AND minority-based "academic" programs.

Whatever happened to that "content of their character" stuff?

Well, I'm pretty sure we've got the content of Dolezal's character nailed down.  And wow, what a life SHE has to look forward to!

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