Friday, June 05, 2015

Scared about the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare?


The issue being decided is, in fact, a clear, obvious, and absolute violation of law.

Some in the GOP are running around like the proverbial chicken that's been decapitated as a result.


Why is it that anyone in this country is, somehow, due thousands in health care subsidies when others are not?

What will happen politically when the Court rules against this travesty?

Well, with any luck at all, the entire system will collapse.

The problem, of course, is that it's difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Every time anyone in the Obama Administration has ever opened their mouth about the idiocy of this program, they've been lying.  They've counted on our stupidity.  Obamacare architect Gruber frequently said as much.

Every time anyone in the GOP talks about Obamacare, THEY'VE been lying.

They lied to get elected, they've done nothing about this much like they've done nothing of substance on the issue of VA Health Care.

The media is going to do their best to join with the left and "blame" the GOP for this.

Blame them for what?  Being in overwatch of doing what the majority of people in this country have wanted them to do since the inception of this stupidity?

The RINOs will scramble.  I'm not altogether convinced the Court will DO anything; after all, Obamacare is completely unconstitutional and they failed to rule it as such, and health care has been a train wreck since.

Now, they intend to spend more money on millions of illegals for health care than they do the veteran population of this country.

Obamacare has been a disaster.  The GOP has done nothing about it, even though they promised as a part of their campaigns to take over control of Congress to rid us of this blight.

Now, because of their cowardice... nothing is happening... and the GOP has been acting like they want the Supreme Court to do their dirty work.

But what good will a decision destructive to Obamacare do if Congress just comes along behind that decision and "fixes" it so the subsidies continue?

Locally, think in terms of the State Senate covering for the multi-millionaire scum behind the pot-initiative, who ran on a campaign of lies concerning revenue to the state if only we'd pass this bill... over stating the amount literally by billions over the decade.

Now, their lies are a long forgotten footnote.  They got what they wanted.  Who cares that they lied?

That's what I expect to happen, by the way... because it was oh, so, important to vote for anyone with an "R" after their name, even if they were further to the left than Mao.

As a country, we did that.  As a state, we did that.  And as a country and a state, we have damned little to show for it.

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