Thursday, June 25, 2015

More leftist hypocrisy: Benton wouldn't shake Lying Lefty Lou's hand?

Imagine, a slimy leftist worm upset that Don Benton wouldn't shake Lying Lefty Lou's hand.

Here's the whiny, sniveling little letter to the editor this putz penned:
Letter: Right to disagree ... respectfully 

I attended the Tuesday Clark County council public meeting. Prior to the meeting, I saw Don Benton, one of our state senators and director of the Clark County Environmental Services Department, come up the aisle toward Lou Brancaccio, editor of The Columbian. Brancaccio extended his hand to Benton, who refused to shake it and said something to Brancaccio, then turned his back and walked away. Judging by the way Brancaccio's jaw dropped I could tell the comment was not a positive one. 
This is no way for a public servant and county employee to act. Benton has every right to disagree with Brancaccio, but should not make derogatory comments in a very public place. Benton was at the meeting in his official capacity as a county employee. As such he is expected to act in a professional and courteous way and not make demeaning comments to a citizen of the county, whom he is hired to serve. A professional would have shaken hands and moved on down the aisle. Obviously, Benton is not able to respond in a professional way. 
This is not the first time Benton's interpersonal skills have been questioned, which leads to the question: why is he still an employee of the county? 
Charlie Roe
Considering Lying Left Lou's decades of lies, attacks and character assassination against Benton, Lying Lefty is damned lucky that Benton didn't bust him in the head with a chair.

"Respectful disagreement" is something that only the left wants to receive... never provide.

The routine leftist insults and lies towards Benton, Madore and Mielke from Lying Lefty Lou is despicable.

Lying Lefty's jaw dropped?

He's fortunate it didn't get fractured.

The hypocrisy of this fringe-left author is clear: when Lying Lefty trashes Benton or the others or whips up the lynch mob as Lying Lefty is wont to do, there was no letter of outrage from any of the leftist scum infesting us.  In fact, they'd routinely cheer Lying Lefty on.

So, this is one of those occasions where I can actually applaud Benton's tolerance.  I might not have been so charitable to the Fresh Prince of Just For Men.

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