Thursday, June 04, 2015

More GOP congressional idiocy: giving in on TPA and giving Obama even MORE power

You know, I'm still waiting for any of the wonderful things the promise of GOP control of Congress was supposed to bring.

You know... like the end of Obamacare... (They DID run on that, right?) spending cuts to things like Obamaphones... cutting the deficit... strengthening the military... forcing sanity into foreign and domestic policies.

Nailing those responsible for Benghazi, doing SOMETHING to bring the Middle East and Putin under control... cleaning up the mess that moron's turned Iraq and Afghanistan into... you know... stuff like that.

We're approaching 6 months in... and if any of that has happened, *I* haven't seen it.

No... instead of bringing that clueless idiot to heel... morons like Boehner and McConnell are doing all they can to help that idiot out.

We see ads on TV about how wonderful this agreement will be.

But of course, none of those ads mention that NONE OF US CAN EVEN READ IT.

I am opposed to this garbage.

I don't trust anyone involved in it; Boehner has now firmly entrenched himself in my "Moeller camp" ("If Moeller is for it, I'm likely to be against it") with his "Trust me, I'm from the government" approach to legislation and his RINO tendencies, actually fearing governance because, God Forbid, he might offend someone and the GOP might lose their worthless majority which they haven't done a damned thing with anyway... and now this same GOP is doing Obama's bidding on the TPA?



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