Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MORE fringe-left hypocrisy on public testimony; this time at the port commission

Here's the thing: Tim "The Liar" Leavitt wipes his butt with the Constitution when it comes to public testimony in the Vancouver Soviet... and the leftists don't even blink.

It's not just that the C3G2/Leftist Haters around here are hypocrites... it's that they go so far over the edge on the issue.

NOTHING the Port Commission said or expressed on the matter of civility was illegal or unethical.

Everyone likely has the right to testify.  But the ability to testify VERBALLY is a courtesy... not a right.

No governmental body has to take verbal testimony.

There's no law requiring it in any way.

The Liar, in fact, implemented rules in the Vancouver Soviet severely restricting such testimony because he was tired of getting his empty head kicked around like a soccer-ball on his CRC/Loot Rail scam.  And the left sat on their thumbs or applauded the move to censor, because they agreed with Leavitt's position on the issues.  He is, after all, their fellow leftist.

OK.  Fine.

The Port Commissioners... as are ANY elected officials... have the right to limit testimony in any way they chose... and that includes, for example, limiting said testimony to writing.

The local daily communist, of course, hates the commissioners because of their votes on coal and oil.  So they are going to take this garbage, fabricate some sort of a crisis and then run with it.

The C3G2 scum are falsely claiming First Amendment protections that don't exist in an unfettered environment because, of course, they're not getting their way.

40 comments under the story, some of the same kind of vitriol these same scum exhibit at county council meetings... and have exhibited since Lefty Lou Brancaccio joined up with Steve Stuart to put the post-Don Benton hiring lynch mob together.

And... I blame the county commissioners/councilors for a lot of this.

For YEARS now, the county commission/council has allowed these scum the right to come up and verbally assault them.  It's painful to watch and it accomplishes absolutely nothing positive.  But it sets the tone... and instead of holding these scum accountable for how they act by making it as difficult as possible to "testify" they just sit there and take it... like that kind of verbal abuse wouldn't extend beyond the doors of the council chambers.

Now, the Port Commissioners are getting it.  And if the COUNTY commissioners, including Madore and Mielke, had acted to bring these scum under control when this started... imagine how much different it would be for everyone else now?

Instead, because they DIDN'T act, it gives license to every whackjob out there to verbally assault anyone in government they choose... claiming a non-existent right... that COULD have been dealt with a LOOOOONG time ago.

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