Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fringe-leftist Mikey Pond starts off campaign with illegal campaign contribution

Ah, yes.  The rules.

Uber-fringe-left partisan hack Mike Pond, running for road kill in the District 2 election coming up, was a naughty boy when it came to reporting his campaign contributions... received in March and April... but only reported yesterday.

Tisk, tisk.

Here's the rule:

Fill out a C3 for each deposit showing sources of contributions. All contributions must be deposited within 5 business days of receipt. Prior to June 1st, C3 may be sent with C4; after June 1st, mail C3 weekly on Monday.

The C3 form is the "Cash Receipts Monetary Contributions" form.

Up until yesterday, Pond hadn't reported a penny.

It's to be expected that Mikey would get the uber fringe-left cash: Molehill Moeller and his buddy Ty Stober didn't fail to disappoint.

The problem, of course, is that Pond failed to report any of the contributions he'd received within 5 business days or even 5 business weeks, as far as that goes.

His first contribution came even (19 days) before he filed with the PDC, almost $1000 on March 20th.

The next 4 were all from something of the leftist mafia:  all on the 27th of April.

So,  Rule 1:  All of these wastes of money needed to be deposited within 5 business days from receipt.

Rule 2:  Each deposit required the filing of a C3.  Thus, there should have been at least 2 deposits. and 2 C-3's filed, at least more than a month ago.

And Rule 3: don't take campaign money unless you're going to file a C1 in a timely manner as a result.

But his first contribution was 19 days before he filed his C1... And when was the C1 supposed to be filed?

Within 2 weeks of becoming a candidate... which was at the moment he took money for his campaign.

So, in sum, the 3/20 donation is illegal and should be returned.  The C1 filing was late.  And the remaining donation reports violated PDC rules by not even being close to meeting the time limits for reporting.

Not a really good start, Mikey.

Hopefully you'll not waste your money buying "endorsed by David Madore" signs this time around, eh?  And meanwhile, if you're going to screw up your reporting this badly... then what on earth makes you think for a moment that you're competent enough to get elected dog catcher, let alone county councilor?

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