Thursday, May 07, 2015

Sources: All of the remaining women in the Ranger course have failed.

I'm hearing from knowledgeable sources that the remaining women in the Army Ranger course (8 out of the original 21)  have all failed the Patrol course in Phase 1 and some of them have dropped out.

None will be going forward to Phase II (Mountain)

The result?

Expect the inevitable reduction in standards.

The Obama administrations infestation of our military during war time; the geometric weakening in readiness, size and capability... and this bizarre, unsustainable notion that women not only belong in combat units, they can somehow be warriors on an equal footing with men is the product of a scumbag who knows as much about the military as he does common sense.

To achieve the goal of getting both men and women slaughtered unnecessarily, the standard will have to be lowered.

The standards in the military have NEVER been equal between the genders.  And at this point, considering the mission, there is only one way to gain equality: lower the standards.

It's as if the scum running the show don't get that a bullet don't care.

But in the name of fake equality... increased casualties (dead and wounded) horrific treatment of women prisoners and men who die for them instead of accomplishing the mission aside, this is the entire problem with equality between men and women in a nutshell.

Women WANT equality, to be sure.  But they only want the situational variety.  They do NOT want real, genuine equality because far too many of them are incapable of achieving it.

The want the absurd affirmative action variety, where they gain advantages not because of intellectual equality or physical equality... but because of their plumbing.

Recently, for example, an almost crippled by a minor 12 mile road march Captain is LIONIZED by completing the 12 mile requirement for the Expert Field Medical Badge.

The problem is that she did nothing to be lionized FOR.

Most of those making her into something she is not have never served a day in the military.

The 12 mile ruck with a 35 pound pack... a roughly 1/3rd distance, 1/3rd weight of an Infantry ruck, saw this young woman unable to perform her duties as a Captain when she did complete the march, just as it saw her dump her weapon and use it as a crutch.

Ranger material, indeed.

To be sure, the failure of the women was preordained: there was no way under the current standard that these women would come close to graduating Ranger School.  That it's not surprising is obvious: the current standard for the regular PT Test gives women an unbelievable break over their male counterparts... their "equals," as it were.

AGE GROUP17–2122–2627–3132–3637–4142–4647–5152–5657–6162+
MAXIMUM 100%71757775736659565350
MINIMUM 60%42403936343025201816

AGE GROUP17–2122–2627–3132–3637–4142–4647–5152–5657–6162+
MAXIMUM 100%42465045403734312825
MINIMUM 60%19171715131210987

There's a similar break for women on the 2 miles run: roughly 20% slower is acceptable for the women.

Tens of thousands of women would be forced out of the military if true equality were, in fact, implemented.  They would never pass the male standard, which amounts to a situation where the male minimum is roughly the female maximum.

The problem, of course, is that a tank don't care, a ruck don't care, an artillery shell don't care, a rifle don't care and a bullet don't care.

Putting women in Combat Arms looks great on paper... but the blood spilled unnecessarily as a result?

That won't show on the paper.

The outcome?

The military generally will have zero choice except to lower standards to achieve artificial, it's going to cost us blood, "equality."

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Lew Waters said...

While I give the female Captain credit for her effort and not giving up, in a real combat situation she would be dead, along with any lagging along with her.

There is no second place prize in combat, only a cold, dark grave.