Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So... what's the local GOP going to do about Kimsey?

Here we are some 8 or so months after our county auditor and RINO in residence, Greg Kimsey, shattered the laws of this state by using the voter's pamphlet to campaign for the local Charter scam.

The local GOP has yet to kick this slimeball out, ala Marc Boldt, for reasons that completely escape me.  (At a minimum, booting that scumbag out is something they CAN and SHOULD do.) but meanwhile, I've got to wonder: what is the local GOP going to do on the legal front?

I'd really like to know since if, as I suspect, they're not going to do anything, there are other options available.

Of course, if they DON'T do anything, that will just be another reason to question their value overall.

Kimsey broke the law.  He lied repeatedly about the legal aspects of the charter scam.  He did that knowingly.  And he should pay accordingly for his acts.

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