Sunday, May 17, 2015

Memo to local legislators: get off the I-5 bridge-centric bridge replacement plan.

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Maybe it's something in the water.

Some local legislators seem fixated on replacing a bridge that the people of this County have determined they do not yet want to be replaced.  Particularly, local legislators outside the immediate I-5 area.

So why are they doing it?

We are talking about spending hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars to replace an already paid for, serviceable structure that the left will not allow to be replaced without adding light rail.  They have made it clear they have no difficulty whatsoever punishing the people of Clark County for failing to share their progressive view.

As a part of that punishment, they want to wear us down in the forlorn hope that we'll forget all about the reality of a project that will accomplish nothing that commuters need it to accomplish while costing us hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in tolls... All in the name of infecting us with the hated light rail.

Replacement of the I-5 bridge will do nothing to improve congestion, increase freight mobility, or reduce commute times in any appreciable way… Particularly in return for the investment.  All of the lies concerning the CRC project remain in place, unassailed by time that has proven them wrong:  we were repeatedly told of gloom and doom forecasts concerning companies locating here and negative impacts to our local economy if we ditched the CRC idea…

All of that has been proven to be false.

Even I understand that at some point, the I-5 bridge will likely have to be replaced.

But this ain't that point.

The fastest, easiest, and certainly most efficient way to relieve pressure on the I-5 corridor would be to build an additional bridge to the west of the current location, a bridge connected to Highway 26, a bridge that would completely bypass Portland.

The idea that somehow because the Oregon legislature might not like that approach we should, for whatever the reason, just hit our knees and beg them to take and implement a bad idea relative to an idea that would actually work, is simply unacceptable.

This memo serves as yet another... and final... notice to local legislators: stop your efforts to replace the I-5 bridge until such time as additional bridges have been built.

Replacement of the I-5 bridge would suck all available transportation dollars away from even the remote possibility of building additional bridges… And the construction of additional bridges MUST take place before any effort is made to replace the I-5 bridge.

It is disappointing to me personally that I must reiterate this, over and over and over again.  I'm not going to do it again.

The people have spoken, repeatedly. Please do not tell us that you're going to join with local democrats in ignoring our will.

Loyalty must be a two-way street: you must exhibit loyalty to us in order to receive loyalty in return. Failure to heed this warning can result in an abrupt end to your political careers.

Remember: it was the people who put you in office, and it can be the people who take you out of office.  And in large part, the people put you into office because of your stated opposition to the CRC. Unfortunately, no matter how you package it, this talk about an I-5 bridge replacement is simply another version of the CRC.

There's a reason they call it "representational government."  It is unfortunate that, in this legislative session, people who should know better seem to have forgotten all about the concept.  We did not put anybody into office to betray us.

The default setting for both the people and our local legislators should be that if the democratian supports a concept, a project, or a candidate,  those things are automatically suspect.  The obsession of our local daily newspaper along with the downtown mafia is not and never has been an agenda supported by the people of this community.  The local rag refuses to even consider any other alternative outside of replacing the I-5 bridge, as if no other alternative exists.  While that may be Lefty Lou's obsession, it is not the obsession of the people of this community... and whatever our obsession is should be your number one goal.

The democratian's effort here is based on the concept that, in the end, they know that there will be no I-5 bridge replacement without light rail. And they desperately want light rail, since like most democrats, they simply don't care what the people want when it conflicts with their agenda.

They believe that any such effort to replace the I-5 bridge will uultimately result in light rail coming into Clark County.  The support of anyone involved in this project who supported the CRC in the past is predicated on the idea that at some point, light rail will be the major component of the bridge replacement project.

I have yet to see anyone involved who supported the CRC last go round, suddenly come up on the net with a changed mind… Announcing to the entire world "I have no idea what I was thinking, but light rail really sucks, and I will oppose it in this replacement project."

Why do you think that is?

The hundred thousand dollars set aside for this effort is a complete waste of money, given that the people of this County generally and certainly of the 18th District specifically do not and will not support replacing the I-5 bridge before additional bridges are built.

This is the last time I'm going to say this.  Do not disappoint us.

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