Thursday, May 14, 2015

Legislative pay raises and teachers sniveling.

NOBODY whines and moans and bitches like a union thug teacher.

Thousands of those scum abandoned their children yesterday for more money... bigger checks... increases in a benefit package that few of us can even dream of.

They broke the law, knowing that nothing would happen to them for doing it.

So, yesterday, the state Salary Commission, announced 11% pay increases for legislators, to be phased in over the next 2 years.

Of course the ignorant teacher slime went nuts, lying even more about their pay as if they were objects to be pitied instead of scorned.

I read comments... typically stupid comments... from teachers claiming that "the Legislature voted themselves a pay raise while we get nothing."

That's a lie on several levels, of course, as the Legislature did nothing of the kind.

The State Salary Commission does not provide the Legislature with the option of "voting" on pay.  THEY set the level; THEY increase it.

Now, lowlife scum like Jimmy Moeller, who suck the system dry for every dime they can steal from the taxpayers (I bet ol' Jimmy is double-dipping: Even though he's got no role in Oly, he's likely still drawing that $130 a day in perdiem, I'm thinking) believe the increase is "long overdue."

For some, perhaps, though given how much damage Moeller has caused and his efforts to waste $200 million on the CRC Scam, I'm thinking HE should take a massive pay CUT.

But the people of this state voted this law into place: what they left out of the law... (and what should be IN the law, BTW) is legislative approval of the Salary Commission's findings.

Nevertheless, the law is clear and the pay raise issue had NOTHING TO DO with the Legislature as a whole, though individual members could have sniveled to the Commission while they were taking testimony about how bad they've got it.

So, why are the teachers and their supporters lying about how what happened, happened?

Willful ignorance?

One of the teacher's sniveling under the article has to muddle through on $98,000+ this year for her 183 day, part time job.

Again: folks, no one holds a gun to your heads to teach.

No one forced you to sign the contract.  Don't like the pay, the conditions, the benefits?  Think you're above the law?

I don't give a rat's ass if you EVER get a pay raise considering the abysmal product you crank out year after year.

But your ongoing whining... and bitching... and moaning when many of you make 3 times the average salary for someone in this county?

Get stuffed.

Quit.  Go pump gas for a living.  But I am heartily sick of hearing it.

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