Friday, May 29, 2015

It's not all political combat: a small gesture that brought me to tears. Literally.

Today is the annual Luke's Lego-cy Carnival at King's Way School, a Children's Cancer Association fund raiser and, well, Lego-raiser for Doernbecher who fought Luke's Leukemia so long and so well before ultimately losing the fight for him.

ALL the money and Legos go to the CCA and Doernbecher.

Many of the children there are simply unable to do much physically.  But almost all of them can use Legos.

Luke Jensen loved them.

So, I was tasked with getting some of the candy they'll be using today... like most in the political realm, I went to Winco, which certainly gives you the most bang for your parade candy buck.

Because of some temporary back issues, I was using an electric scooter cart.

I was loading up a variety of candies, mostly chocolate as per the directive.

A gentlemen I did not know was getting something else in the bulk aisle, and he looks over and says "that looks like quite a party you're going to have there."

Well, I launched into my Luke-spiel, and he said something to the effect of remembering something about that... the snow... which got quite the media coverage.

(A few days... a very few days... before Luke left us and he knew the end was near, he indicated that he regretted the fact that he'd been in the hospital the previous winter and had missed the snow.

An idea was hatched that resulted in 3 or 4 semi-trailers full of snow being brought to Luke's front yard...

I told him about the fund raiser... He said, "that sounds like a great idea... God Bless!" patted me on the shoulder and went on his way.

Well, a few minutes later, I was still at it... and this same guy comes up to my cart, and puts 10 pounds or so of candy into the basket... says "the receipt's inside the bag," and he turns... and walks away before I could say "Boo."

So, I'm sitting there like an idiot, tears rolling out of my eyes in wonderment.

I have no idea who he is.  But his gesture... so simple... so unexpected... so heartfelt, was a lesson I needed to learn.

Thank you.

And please take a moment to pray for Luke.

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