Monday, May 04, 2015

Garland, TX and "Freedom of Speech." The time to act is NOW.

Few practice that most precious of freedoms more than I.  6000 or so posts... 750,000 or so page views over the years.

But I'm hearing this leftist idiocy like the reporter who started a tweet, "Free speech aside..."

Folks, can anyone generally be this stupid... or a reporter particularly?  Can a reporter working for the New York Times be enough of a moron to even start a question involving the First Amendment with that phrase?

Of course.

The left, you see, has repeatedly proven that it agrees with the entire concept of freedom of speech as long as it concurs with them. 

Have a conservative try and speak on a college campus, for example.  See what happens.

What was the college that invited the previous president of Iran, Imakindawhackjob or what ever his name was?  Columbia, or Harvard?

A man who had slaughtered hundreds if not thousands... who approved of the death of gays merely because they were gay... and the left ate that crap up.

Let Condoleezza Rice be invited to speak in Berkeley... see what happens.

This cancer is spreading.  The United States has become a willing host to this virus, because we will not do what MUST be done.

We all know what must be done is unpleasant.  We all know those steps will be painful. 

When will we begin to exhibit the will to save ourselves?

When will the government begin the process to end this threat?

Garland, TX serves as the halcyon, clarion call.

How many more attacks will it take?

How many more victims?

The time to act is NOW.  And in acting, we must act in the best interests of the survival of the United States.

We cannot tolerate the terrorism of lawlessness of Ferguson or Baltimore.

We cannot tolerate the terrorism of islamist.

NOW is when we need government to do one of the few things they actually exist for:  defend us from all enemies... ALL enemies... foreign AND DOMESTIC.

And it appears to me that the US Government is failing at all levels.

I reiterate:  get a gun.  Learn when and how to use it.  Take it with you.

You never really need one, you see, until you REALLY need one.  And if you NEED one and don't have one... then what?

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