Saturday, May 02, 2015

Does this look familiar? WA State GOP Senate.

Like South Carolina, the GOP controls the Washington State Senate.

Like South Carolina, those controlling the Senate have allowed the largest gas tax increase in our state's history with an emergency clause and no referendum clause; they've lied repeatedly about Inslee's bogus, empty carbon tax threats as their excuse; they've punted on ethics reform by bailing out our ethically challenged Lieutenant Governor, they've allowed corruption by screwing around with the rules and allowing Lt. Gov. Owen to protect the members by illegally ruling that a GOP-imposed rule... a super-majority for tax increases is now unconstitutional... until it isn't, later on in the same session when they need that rule for Andy Hill to scam a series of failed amendments he can use for his campaign for governor in 2016.

If I take any comfort out of this, it's that we are not the only ones getting screwed by an allegedly Republican majority.

105 of the 170 members of the General Assembly are Republicans. Of those, only 17 have consistently stood against tax increases, against more debt, against increased spending, and for ethics reform. Please help me thank them!
Sen. Sean Bennett, Sen. Chip Campsen, Sen. Tom Davis, Sen. Mike Fair, Sen. Larry Martin, Sen. Shane Massey, Sen. Harvey Peeler, Sen. Paul Thurmond, Sen. Ross Turner, Sen. Danny Verdin, Sen. Tom Young, Rep. Todd Atwater, Rep. Eric Bedingfield, Rep. Dan Hamilton, Rep. Chip Huggins, Rep. Rick Quinn, and Rep. Tommy Stringer
If your representative and senator are not on this list, it is time to start having a serious conversation about whether or not they need to continue to represent you in Columbia. We've come too far to start walking backwards. ‪#‎NoNewTaxes‬ ‪#‎NoNewDebt‬ ‪#‎EthicsReformNow‬
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