Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disagree with an illegally striking teacher and you shouldn't have children.

Readers of my meager effort here are well aware of the contempt I have for the teaching thugs who abandoned their charges today to get more pay.

I voiced that opinion on Rep. Liz Pike's FB Page today.  and this is a response from one of the thugs who walked off the job today for higher pay:

So, because I disagree with these slime, I shouldn't have children.

The fact is that this woman and her colleagues are BREAKING THE LAW BY ABANDONING THEIR CHILDREN, PARTICULARLY in the name of more money... particularly when the teacher in question has total compensation exceeding $81,000 a year for her 183 day job.

I will be terribly disappointed if the Legislature responds positively to this kind of extortion.

But to suggest that any taxpayer should have children because one disagrees with this law breaker?

That's over the top and Camas School District WILL be hearing from me over this.

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