Friday, April 17, 2015

Washington state teacher union scum at it again: hurting their students by going on strike

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a major argument for getting rid of teacher unions specifically and all public employee unions generally, all of Scott Walker's Wisconsin, is this kind of nonsense:

teachers unions staging strikes to oppose education proposals in the legislature

as been proven over the past several years, there is no end to the greeter avarice of the teachers unions. They feel compelled at this point to throw some sort of a snit over the fact that the legislature is declined to bankrupt the people of this state to cave into their extortion known as the McCleary decision.

Who suffers over that?

Why, are children, of course.

It's illegal for teachers to go on strike, as anyone knows. Frankly, I am sick of teachers, I am sick of their unions, and if they don't like the pay, the benefits, and the outrageous retirement they get for their 183 day year job, then they can feel free to quit and go pump gas for a living.

And instead of fighting it out in the halls of the legislature where their multimillion dollar lobbyist staff creeps and crawls around like the spiders they are, they are instead going to take out their anger on those least able to fight back: the students.

Now, let me be upfront with this: the teachers are not going to get what they want. They know that, I know that, the parents of the kids that are going to get screwed by these clowns know that. So the question becomes simple: why are they going to do this?

In a state where the best product these scum can put out year after year includes a 30% drop out rate and students who graduate from high school with an A average who cannot subsequently pass the community college placement test, these scum are hardly in a position to demand anything.

The legislature, showing unusual common sense, has made the decision to ignore Initiative – 1351.

Like every other teacher initiative, it was full of pie in the sky nonsense where once again the thuggish teachers neglected to source revenue to pay for their educational utopia. Thus, there are impossibly high standards of pay, classroom size, teachers, teacher assistants and so forth unpaid for by the fantasy of an initiative that they put out there.

I personally believe that teachers are overpaid louts. If you want to become rich then don't become a teacher. Simply put: teaching does not pay well. And unless the end product is worthy of pride then it shouldn't pay well. And for the most part, that does not include the typical high school product in Washington state.

So go on strike and be damned. I am going to do my best to urge my legislators to ignore your little hissy fit, and actually introduce legislation to cut your pay, benefits and allowances and see how you like that. And every time you clowns go on strike, 10% of your pay should be deducted for the year as a result… Not to mention the fact that you should all go to jail.

Frankly, I'm sick of you hurting our kids for your political points.

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Lew Waters said...

It's for the children, remember.

And you're right, you will not and should not get rich by being a teacher. It's a job, just like any other job.

It takes all jobs to make society function. This notion that teachers are somehow more special is crap.