Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ten RINOs betray the American people in the US Senate: confirm Holder light as Attorney General

(dictated by Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.)

When you have a neo communist occupying the White House, the last thing that should happen is that he or she be provided with another neo communist as Attorney General.

Ten fake Republicans, led by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, voted to install this fringe left tool to the highest law enforcement post in the land.

Slavishly devoted to furthering Obama's illegal and unconstitutional agenda, which includes granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens… Who she then claims should have the "right" to a job… the RINO scum in the U.S. Senate have reinforced the idea the GOP control of any legislative body ultimately makes no difference whatsoever from their fringe left counterparts.

The scum who sold us out are the usual suspects: McConnell, Ayotte, Hatch, Flake, Graham, Collins, Kirk, Portman, Johnson, Cochran.

It's this kind of thing the goes to the very idea that whichever party controls either the Senate or the House, the only thing that you can be sure of is that they will betray the American people once they get there.

I indicated several days ago that the GOP in the Senate would sell us out. And that's precisely what they've done here, once again rewarding the empty suited,, anti-American racist bigot in the White House with something he wants in return for nothing that we need.

This is why I can never vote for a RINO.  This is why I believe that certain elected officials claiming affiliation with the Republican Party are utterly worthless, self-aggrandizing egomaniacs who are only concerned with the furtherance of their personal political glory… While they remain in office.

In voting for this troll, the GOP Senate may as well have voted to legalize all of the millions of illegal aliens infesting this country, taking jobs away from citizens, taking seats out of our schools and reducing the ability of those who were born here and pay taxes here are all of their lives to even attend a college or university… As we provide in fo-state tuition for illegal aliens

By all means, let's invite these lawbreakers to come into this country, so we can treat them 100 times better than we treat our own veteran population, even the veteran population that has bled on the battlefields that we've sent them to allegedly to defend something worth defending.

Let's rack up trillions of dollars worth of additional debt, because after all it's only money, it's only paper, and nobody cares… Let's screw up our healthcare system so that people like me have to pay $9000 a year in healthcare benefits with a $9000 per year deductible on top of a $250 cost per doctor visit if you don't have what's left of the Veterans Administration... and let's watch the GOP U.S. Senate do not one damn thing about any of it

Remember all this the next time you get a letter asking you to send money into the GOP.  Remember all this the next time you get a letter from somebody running for office claiming that it's always better to vote Republican.

Remember this the next time you give a damn who's calling the shots in Washington DC or Olympia.

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