Friday, April 10, 2015

One Chuckie Green's biggest problems is Mike Briggs.

Besides the obvious hatred of all things to the right of Mao that run Chuckie Green's world and his bizarre CRC/Loot Rail fetish and hatred of David Madore, Chuckie Green, the neo-communist running in District 2 for councilor, has another problem:

Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Briggs lies about Green tend to mirror his lies about the CRC Scam: a great deal of fiction that fails to make Green any more attractive as a candidate and, in fact, serve to do just the opposite:  Make Chuckie look even less electable.

Among other babble Mussolini puts out there for Chuckie are the following lies:
For all my FB friends out there in Dist. #2 for Clark County Charter- Chuck Greene is BY FAR the most experienced and qualified candidate for this very important position.

Chuckie has zero elective experience and zero experience representing anyone.  In fact, he's got a record of deliberately ignoring the will of the people of this county, because like any other leftist, what the people actually want is a meaningless construct to him... and Mussolini, as far as that goes.

And then this whopper:
This November 2015, the people who live in the new County District, #2, have within their power the ability to put into office someone who can and will represent you well- CHUCK GREEN.
First, Mr 36%, humiliated at the polls against THE weakest local GOPer running wouldn't know "representation" if it bit him in the ass.  Green would be no different as an elected than he's been as the scumbag running the C3G2 hate site: completely oblivious and uncaring to what the people of this county want... exactly like his buttboy, Briggs.

Second, like most fringe-left nut jobs, both Mussolini and Chuckie are from the Steve "who cares what you think?" Stuart school of governance:

Briggs, of course, is a liar.  And when it comes to Green's hatred politics, no one alive on the local scene, save for the slimy Molehill Moeller, practices the art more.

So, as much as I hope that Mussolini writes for Chuckie... and lies about him, who he is and what he would do... Chuckie should recognize that with every post of lies, Chuckie's losing votes.

Thanks, Musso.

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