Friday, April 10, 2015

Memo to the proposed Bi-State Panel on bridges.

A lot has been made over the funding of the bi-state CRC Committee.

I call it that because, in the end, the ONLY bridge replacement configuration the left will support was their hated CRC/Loot Rail plan.


They've made that clear by rejecting ANY other alternative... much like these same fringe-leftist nutbergers told us that "no loot rail = no bridge."

Well, here's the thing: I will oppose any plan that focuses on the so-called "I-5 Corridor" first.  And by "first," I mean, I will oppose ANY effort that focuses on the I-5 Bridge first.

We need additional bridges in other locations.  Additional bridges generally and a bridge that would enable traffic to bypass the Portland Soviet altogether to enable a direct shot to Hillsboro specifically along with the bridge from 192nd specifically BEFORE any action is taken on the I-5... without loot rail... is the only plan that I will support.

There is no need whatsoever to do anything to the I-5 Bridge since the entire motivation for wasting that money is to bring the hated loot rail into the county through Vancouver.

The people of this county do not want loot rail, do not need loot rail and cannot afford wasting hundreds of millions on replacing a functional bridge.

Building a bridge to Hillsboro would take thousands of cars, both ways, off the I-5 Bridge.  It would dramatically reduce congestion through Portland and out of the Sunset.

But we already know that the leftists don't care about anything but getting loot rail into Vancouver and replacing the I-5 Bridge seems to be the only way they'd consider doing that.

No other option has been or will be offered by these fringe-left whack jobs, and putting this stack of money on top of that isn't going to change any of it.  They have sabotaged any effort to do anything else.  And this will make no difference in their mission, because what we want means nothing to them.

Be careful.  Be vigilant.  Know that we're watching you.


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