Friday, April 03, 2015

Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller: licking his chops about ripping us off for more special session per diem.

Leave it to a fringe-leftist to not only rabidly demand to jack our taxes, but refuse to fail to take any opportunity to stick his own, personal, fangs into the taxpayer juggler vein as he scams that per diem... every nickel he can steal... even though he's not needed (Or wanted) in Olympia.

Man, the C3G2 haters are all over Don Benton for every cent.  But Moeller?

Nah.  The deafening sound of C3G2 haters yawning is all we get about his theft.

Here's the thing: as a tax payer, were it up to me, I'd end per diem altogether.

When I was working up there, I had to live out of pocket... not a dime was re-imbursed for the first 5 years I was there, and then we finally got some partial reimbursement... $20 a day... while the legislators received $90 a day if memory serves.

Odd, isn't it?  Many legislators whine and bitch and moan and complain about how much it costs THEM to get their collective egos stroked... as if they had no idea what it cost before they ran for the job.

Now, as I understand it, the legislators get a grand total of $120 per day while out of district staff get a whopping $30.

Most legislators, by the way, make more money in salary... and certainly when the allowances are added... than any out of district legislative assistant.

But housing and food for staff isn't close to being important enough to give those human beings the same consideration that individual legislators get...EVEN IF THEY LIVE IN OLYMPIA.

That's right: if they live in Olympia and actually represent the district where the state capitol actual resides... they get the same money as someone living in Asotin (Deep, far Southeast Washington)

Moeller has no role in leadership, save for his ceremonial duties.  There is zero need for that slimeball, save for his own, personal enrichment.

In 2013, he babbled this lie:
"As long as I maintain an apartment in Olympia (and I have) double insurance, and double utilities and double mortgages or rent, then I'm going to maintain taking per diem," Moeller said by phone Friday, adding that he also took a reimbursement for his dry cleaning costs. "Quite honestly, without a per diem, I can't afford to continue to be a legislator. Maybe others have a different financial situation."
They key phrase here, of course, is "As long as I maintain an apartment in Olympia..."

Minor detail?

There was then... and after regular session now, no need for Molehill to "maintain an apartment in Olympia."  And considering the hardship, perhaps this whiny little punk can do us all a favor and resign?

So... why did he do it?

To rape our wallets for profit.

At taxpayer expense, of course.

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