Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chuck Green: New adventures in cluelessness.

(transcribed by Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5)

So, as I was looking at the Chief Hater of the C3G2 hate group's self-flagellating facebook page, when I stumbled across this idiocy:

it's a great little map… It reiterates that the majority of the people of this county are not interested in Chucky's vision or his efforts to ram the CRC scam down our throat.

Now, what makes this even more moronic is he claims that replacing the I5 bridge is his number one transportation priority. And he makes that claim based on the fact that his proposed district, according to him, voted 53% no on the question of the East County Bridge advisory vote. So what?

Another stupidity in this observation is obvious on several different fronts. The first front is that in District 3 and District 4… As well as countywide overall, the people of Clark County have made it clear that they are opposed to what he wants to do. Using his own warped "reasoning" whoever the County Chair is as well as whoever is representing District 3 and District 4 should resist any effort to stop building the East County bridge.

After all, under Chucky's reasoning, he should go balls to the wall to replace the I5 bridge because his district voted in opposition to the East County bridge. Assuming that is correct, the majority of voters in the rest of the county, and the voters overall, voted for the East County bridge. So since a proposed, elected Chucky would be outnumbered countywide and in districts three and four, then his babble should be ignored on this issue.

Also, of course, merely voting against the East County bridge option in and of itself, does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that you believe replacing the I5 bridge is the only other option available, or that the people of that district would support such an option.

Further, does that mean that when the time comes he'll demand a countywide vote as the people indicated in the same advisory on any question concerning bridge replacement or light rail?  Of course not. That's the problem when you're a hating hypocrite.

You see, this is the kind of fringe-left reasoning that has resulted in the Democrats becoming mere footnotes countywide, politically.

This is a classic example of someone politically ignorant wishing for something without being careful what it is that he wants… He just might get it.

At the end of the day, the people of Clark County have repeatedly made it clear, they do not want light rail, and they do not want another I5 bridge… Until or unless two additional bridges are added across the Columbia River.

In fact, here's a map I'm sure Chuckle hates:

This is the map of the people who oppose his idiotic, asinine position on the I-5 Bridge scam.

Those supporting it are clustered, in red, where the I-5 Bridge crosses the river.  The rest of Chuckie's district and the rest of the county?

Oppose his idiocy.

So, by all means, moron, PLEASE campaign on your bridge scam.

So in addition to his other failures, of which Chucky has many, you can add to that list his failure to be a mind reader.

When hatred drives your politics, there's no and to the twisting, exaggeration, and lies you'll tell to get elected.

Just like Chucky's lies here today.

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Lew Waters said...

Chuckie also proves one point we brought out against the charter nonsense.

That being, councilors elected bu district will tend to represent only their district and not what is best for the county.

His words show exactly that, he cares not what the rest of the county seeks, just his small district and the hell with everybody else, except of course, when it comes time to pay.