Monday, April 06, 2015

As I mentioned several days ago, Chief C3G2 hater to run for county council.

(I broke thisd on March 27, if memory serves... but it is, after all, the Lazy C)

There's an irony to all this stupidity on his part... and that is he was one of the forces behind the Benton-hatred effort to keep county employees from holding political office.... like THAT restriction would be legal.

Anywho, that said, Green is one of the big wheels behind the C3G2 hater movement.  He's a huge loot rail/CRC supporter... doesn't give a rat's ass about what the people want... a rabid supporter of CTran (Which is, after all, where this clown works) and he represents the very worst that government has to offer; mainly, Moeller-like arrogance and a distinct follower of the Stuart-philosophy of never having a voice for the people... but instead, only his own ego-gratification and agenda.

Later this month, for example, he's holding a campaign event disguised as a seminar kind of thing on hos to get people to vote.  But it is only and purely about this idiot scamming people into voting for him... which I also pointed out days ago.

He starts by lying in his press release, and I'll spare everyone the effort and decode what he's really saying:
“Together, we can unite Clark County to achieve good governance, do good things to help us grow and come back together as a community,” Green said.
Here's what he really means:

"If I scam this right, I can become the constant "no" on the county council while I make people long for the days of Ed Barnes, who was hardly the most erudite individual to serve.  Meanwhile, I can try and use this scam to drive a wedge in the community even bigger than the CRC Scam, and do a GREAT job of increasing my efforts to wreck this community."

I do agree with one thing this clown is babbling: "Together we can keep him out of elective office!"

His hatred for Madore is legendary.  The problem with his campaign is primarily going to be that everything he says, including his lies about "Alt 4," is driven by that very hatred.

The reality here is that even if he IS elected, he won't be able to stop it, and the fact is that he isn't running against Madore... which means he believes he should be elected as if he is.

His rabid support of the CRC/Loot Rail Scam, which he admits to is just one of the many deal killers making this a massive waste of time, the political equivalent of pouring gasoline on himself and lighting it... a peculiar kind of political idiocy that shows a lack of awareness ASTOUNDING in someone running for office.

His equally hatred-driven desire to get rid of the fabulously successful fee waiver program, his rampant partisan hatred, his obsession with loot rail and yoking the people of this county with decades of tolls, ever increasing, shows how out of touch this clown really is.

Olsen will crush all comers if she actually takes a position against the CRC Scam, which is certainly no sure thing, given her abortive campaign in 2012.

Green is a political moron who has no more of a clue than, say, Mussolini Mikey Briggs, whose ignorant and rabid support of this fringe-left whack job should be the kiss of death..  And his candidacy is going to be a disaster for him, and sheer unadulterated political entertainment for the rest of us... although I expect Brancaccio to rabidly support him as much as he does any other fringe leftist.

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david clark said...

Is Green still a C-Tran employee?

We do know he worked for a company profiting from light rail.