Friday, April 03, 2015

As the GOP US Senate caves on the Lynch nomination, I've got to wonder: Why?

So, Obama's getting his affirmative action candidate for AG through the GOP Senate.

You know, the one that was so damned important the GOP take over so it could (cough, cough) get rid of Obamacare, cut taxes, cut spending, etc, etc?  THAT Senate?

So, we look at Lynch, who's only saving grace from the Administration is her ongoing pledge to be Obama's bitch in the Department of Justice.

This sorry waste of space believes that illegal aliens have a right to work in this country.

She supports Obama's unconstitutional raping of the law via executive order that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of criminal being INVITED into out country so they can nail down the illegal alien vote.


Why are they doing this?

Why are these so-cvalled "Republicans" going to reward the scumbag in the White House by giving him what he wants so he can continue to screw us?

OH MY GOD.... How IMPORTANT it was for the GOP to take the Senate.

How many times have local RINO's told us that we had no right to hold these people accountable for their votes in office... precisely like the democrats told us that, among other things, we had no right to hold Marc Boldt accountable for HIS leftist votes.

I knew, of course, that it was going to turn out that way.  That's why I'll never vote for that narcissist Herrera, for example... or that waste of time, Brandon Vick.

I'll never fail to hold anyone accountable for their failures and betrayals.  This is me... doing that.

What the Senate SHOULD do is refuse her nomination and then tell that idiot in the White House why.

Instead, they give the Liar-in-Chief what he wants and we get screwed.

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