Monday, March 23, 2015

The irony of the C3G2 hater's response to the decision by the PDC to allow Kimsey's corruption.

It's not surprising that the slime infesting us around here show their rank hypocrisy in slobbering over democrat Greg Kimsey's efforts on their behalf to lie the charter through to electoral victory and use our taxpayer dollars to do it.

Particularly, outright scum like John "Pit Yorkie" Laird who referred to those of us fighting the CRC Scam as "cockroaches."

The irony of their giddy response?

If Kimsey had told the truth about the charter rip off instead of lying about it for months and ignoring the opposition to it, THEY would be the ones howling for his scalp.  If he had written a truthful, unbiased piece instead of the puff campaign piece he puked out at our expense, we may have seen a different outcome.

That's the hell of it.

The left are worshipful in their praise of this lowlife.  They, who hate most anyone to the right of Mao, are wearing out kneepads in his praise.

One of the scum even goes so far as to attack the GOP organization, which they have nothing to do with, in support of their fellow traveler.

Fortunately, he's not my problem.  But it is entertaining to see the hatred emanate from those who lied at the drop of the hat to get what they wanted: a charter based on their own blind, partisan hatred in the first place.

After all, all of these slime are members of the only political hate group I know of here locally... so what can we expect from him?

Meanwhile, the course of action in the part of the GOP, which is to continue to press forward on this issue, should have already been decided and the trigger should have been pulled.


There were only so many possible outcomes:  They'd hang him (Which is as likely as getting a charter scammer to tell the truth) kick him loose (The most likely outcome... not because he deserves it, since he clearly doesn't, was this one) or something in between.

Nothing is gained by delay.  Competence dictates that those running the party should have known it and planned contingencies for any outcome.

The decision should have been made weeks ago.  As it is now, Smith looks incompetent and indecisive.

But then, the GOP at all levels seems to have this habit of starting a fight they seem unwilling to finish. This, hopefully, will not be that.

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