Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stunning hypocrisy from the democratian: Two-Thirds is Voter's Will.

When this was emailed to me, I nearly fell out of my chair: since when has this cancer on our community EVER given a rat's ass what the voters wanted?

No organization of the democratian's size has ever fought, insulted, ignored and attacked the will of the voters in Clark County like the democratian, save for the democrat party itself.

CRC?  Nope.  Not only did they not give a damn that the people of this county hated that scam at the cellular level, they remain silent while fringe-left morons like Annette Cleveland do all they can to jam this crap pile down our throats, KNOWING.... but not CARING.... the people of Cl;ark County, including the people of her own district, have made it clear that the entire plan should have been dumped into the river a decade and $200 million ago.

Where's the rag's "concern" over the "will of the people" when it comes to that, or any other project, law, rule or regulation they want?

When the scumwad otherwise known as John Laird was running the editorial page, he ROUTINELY called those of us opposed to the democratian agenda a wide variety of names... including
"cockroaches," even though we had made our position clear on his bridge fetish... and Lefty Lou never bothered with the "will of the people" when it came to THAT.

In fact, when the current commissioners made an effort to determine the will of the people of this county on a wide variety of issues, what did that scumbag Lefty Lou want?
There is, as spelled out by the Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago, a difference between direct democracy and representative democracy. Rather than establish a direct democracy — one in which the citizenry votes on governmental decisions both enormous and miniscule — this nation's founders had the foresight to create a representative democracy in which elected representatives vote on behalf of the people.
The purpose of bringing this up is not to spark a constitutional debate, but rather to discuss the merits of advisory measures that will appear before Clark County voters when ballots for the general election are mailed out Oct. 16. Of the six advisory measures — again, they are nonbinding — five of them deal in some fashion with mass transit. Important topics, sure, yet the measures are confusing and will settle nothing in the ongoing debate. We urge a "no" vote on Advisory Votes Nos. 1-5.
They wanted a "no" vote because they wanted their scam built.

They wanted a "no" vote because they have NEVER cared about the will of the people... until, apparently, now.

As Lew Waters pointed out, in addition to the hypocrisy we're also left with the irony: these people allegedly support the will of the people when it comes to the tax vote... but pro-offer zero-explanation as to why they would cheerfully ignore that issue when it comes to their typically lockstep endorsements of democrats who hate this vote with a passion, including that slimeball Jim "Molehill" Moeller, who actually sued his own constituents to get their five-times passed vote thrown out... and then has voted no every time a referendum bill that would have made this a constitutional issue comes up.

Of course, most recently, those controlling the senate, allegedly GOP'ers, allowed Brad Owen to throw out their rule... quite illegally, I might add, wherein this requirement became a requirement by vote when the senate rules were adopted.

So, BOTH sides play this game... not just the left.

Meanwhile, Lefty chokes on his peculiar brand of hypocrisy.

Because, were he to be anything remotely close to consistent in how he treats people... there wouldn't be the institutional double standard this carbuncle on our community is known for.

And imagine the value of a newspaper that was more than a mouthpiece for the very people Lefty seems concerned about: those who really don't give a damn about the will of the voters.

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